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18 Best Sweater Dresses for Comfortable and Chic Fall Fashion in 2022

Gathering doesn’t have to mean covering up cute fall outfits.

Instead, trade your sundress for a sweater dress and you’ve got a complete outfit perfect for picking apples, pumpkin patches and everything else screaming fall 2022.

Not all sweater dresses are created equal, some are made of cashmere for a silky soft feel, some are made of warm wool for the upcoming winter, and some are made of flannel that looks great over tights and paired with pantyhose.

We’ve rounded up all of the above and more, noting the price range and sizing inclusiveness so everyone can experience the ease and elegance of the perfect blazer dresses this season.

Read on for the best fall sweater dresses, from brands like J.Crew, Bloomingdale’s, and more.


The most luxurious fabrics at an affordable price? Quince has here. Get this long-sleeved dress made of 100% Mongolian cashmere for just $99.

woman in black jacket dress
sax from five

Vince knows how to create a sophisticated sweater dress. This one is easy to get to, with a plain black body that glides over the curves and a cute V-neckline at the top.

Woman wearing a red and black plaid dress

plaid? to fall down? leadership. We’re really loving this style for fall, especially in this comfy neckline frock sold at Francesca for less than $40.

woman in black jacket dress
y crew

Add a little fun to your wardrobe with this gorgeous dress from J.Crew. The style is perfect for fall, as the long sleeves keep you cute and warm while the wide neckline and mini skirt are still fun and flirty.

Woman in half black and half brown dress

Why choose one color when you can have two? This split jacket dress is a great option for those who love fall colors like brown and orange, while also accessorizing with black books, scarves, and more.

woman in black jacket

This gorgeous dress from Steve Madden is a great find. It will keep your neck nice and warm, with a high-rise turtleneck design, a cute and comfortable body, and a flared body.

Woman in a gray jacket dress

It’s time to reset your closet for fall with the fix. A staple that will last through fall through winter, this wool dress is made with 100% traceable NATIVA wool from a sustainable farm.

Long green dress

Seasons come and go straight for turnstiles, but fall is now here to stay for a while, which means this blazer dress is in season. We love green, but it also comes in black for a different fall look.

Woman in a gray jacket dress
it is in

We’ve officially crossed from summer to fall and now it’s time for this dress to shine. Sold by Shein, the crisscross neckline is great to wear as pictured, or pushed off the shoulder for a more sexy night look.

Woman in a black and white jacket dress

Don’t make fun of a confident blazer dress. This replica Abercrombie style calls up some Mod elements we love, especially when styled with the go-to boots above. The dress also comes in black, light blue and another brown color pattern.

Woman in a black sweatshirt
Alo yoga

Escape the city for a peek at the foliage and then head back for a night on the town in this comfy Cityscape dress from Alo Yoga. Although no sweater dress to say, it made the list as a staple fall dress.

Woman wearing a beige sweater dress

Get cozy with cashmere this fall with this cashmere maxi dress from Naadam. This one comes in neutral colors to match any jacket and shoes, with a V-neck to add some shape.

Woman in a navy jacket dress
Draper James

Put some liveliness into your step with this gorgeous dress. The Draper James pattern has a pullover sweater dress and a cute checkered cotton lining, peaking above the collar and lower hem of the dress.

Woman wearing an orange jacket
Ann Taylor

Get ready for pumpkin season with a dress to match. The bright orange blazer wrap dress is perfect for fall, not only in color but also in relaxed style, complete with a wrap-around belt and cute collar too.

Woman wearing a navy blue dress with red trim
Kate Spade

Kate Spade knows how to dress, no matter the season. This blazer dress is a great transitional item, worn when the fall days are still sunny but warm enough to withstand the breeze.

woman wearing a green jacket

This dress was created for Macy’s and also for you. The turtleneck style is warm and luxurious for fall and winter, and is now sold in green and black.

Woman in a dark gray sweater dress

It’s a new day and a new season, so celebrate with a new dress. This model is sold at Target, as part of their A New Day brand. It comes in an overall size from XS to XXL as well as in extended sizes from 1X to 4X.

woman in blue jacket dress

Say “oui” to this style from French Connection. The light blue dress will look amazing against the background of contrasting autumn leaves, in addition, the silhouette of the sleeves is another feature of the style.

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