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A case study of technology and friendliness – The Durango Herald

Tuesday’s regular unleaded was $3.99.9 at Speedway and $3.98.9 at Peerless across the street. If it looks like someone has manipulated this photo to bring the sign closer, such as changing a 4-door into a 2-door, or removing part of a motel building or horse trailer, most photographers do not do that. . (Illustration of the action line)

action line illustration

Dear Line of Action: The Peerless Tire gas station is located across from the Speedway’s Main Avenue. Their signs point to a constant gas war. i love peerless. Well, because there is tradition. And the fact that the squeegee is always in good condition and the receipt actually prints. Peerless must manually adjust the sign. Speedway can change prices with the push of a button. Indeed, this is a “sign” of our time. Either digital connectivity and hands-on reality, or something like that. – Lou Blue

Dear Lou: There must be a question somewhere here, but the Action Line is just looking for the answer, don’t worry about it.

Representatives from both Speedway and Peerless stressed that they are doing well with no price competition. Here is the contract:

Speedway did a quick “field survey” of several gas stations in the area and sent that information to headquarters, where daily prices were set, and Clara Kling, Speedway’s manager at 20th and Main, explained.

On the other side of Main, the Peerless folks are looking at Speedway prices. And it’s always a cent cheaper.

And yes, manual adjustments can be confusing, says Peerless Assistant Manager Daniel Holley. They have to pull out ladders, find new numbers, and work their way up about 15 to 20 feet in the air. Holley smiled and said one day Speedway seemed to keep changing prices just to get him to do extra work.

Sure, Peerless can go digital, but there’s one real reason not to go digital. That is, the tall billboards along Main do not meet the city code, but have been there for a long time and are therefore excluded. Holley said the new price tag should be about half the height of the current price tag.

Technology has certainly taken the fun and adventure out of things. Then they can actually steer for you or let you know when you seem to be dozing off, answer your phone, or is this something – you even need gas to run? I will make a vehicle that does not.

But those things are certainly a long way off.

Dear Line of Action: Why was this column named “Line of Action”? Don’t get me wrong, I love your column.The first thing I look at when reading a book while drinking coffee is Durango HeraldBut are you really taking action or am I missing something? I often seem to embarrass my readers by correcting grammar and spelling mistakes in innocently submitted questions. Most likely your answer has nothing to do with “action”. And then there is the word “line”. Does it refer to telephone wires, telegraph wires, wires in the sand, or what? Seems very dated. So where did the title of the column, “Line of Action,” come from? Thank you and keep up the good work – you have a huge fandom! – big fan!

Dear Huge: It’s as if the term ‘line of action’ creates this aura, this expectation that some ‘action’ will be taken to actually help the reader solve a myriad of problems. how about that. Anyone think Action Line is here to do the dirty work?


Action lines are meant to play with people’s emotions and try to entertain them.

But take action?


I would like to point out that Action Line goes to great lengths to avoid confusing the reader. For example, in this question, Huge Fan actually wrote “spilled”. Like coffee dripping down your shirt. But the action line didn’t make a fuss and corrected it to “misspelled”, so huge fans won’t be ashamed.

To answer this question, Action Line reached out to former Action Line alumni. All but one (whose name I can’t remember) still live in Durango.

Huge fans have probably imagined a hotline, with a reporter’s hand resting on the landline receiver, waiting for it to ring. Shirena Trujillo Long, who served as her second line of action from 2000 to 2001, heard that she was chosen for the line of action.

So has Action Line ever taken action? Probably years ago when any of Trujillo Long, Megan Graham, Mike Smedley or Tom Sluis were doing this. , once the action line solved the problem. But it was a fluke.

Ha! we are children! Recently, off the top of my head:

Remember the left turn sign at North City Market? The rough spot on the Animas River Trail that crossed the tracks? Both were fixed by action lines. I could give more examples, but I don’t have the space.

And I was able to come up with a new name, perhaps more accurate. Herald Know It All. Snappy Legenders. recoil line. But for now, I remain the Action Line, your humble servant.

tunnel under river view

Last week, Action Line wrote about the laborious and expensive tunnel dug from Folsom Park below Riverview to the Animas River in the 1980s to drain the ponds in the park. A brief and to the point response from a man named Dave:

“I worked on that project, and yes, it was terrifying and very dangerous.”

Questions or suggestions should be emailed to or mailed to Action Line, The Durango Herald, 1275 Main Ave., Durango, CO 81301. photographer. ”