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A grip on the sport: These Cougars are proud of their 25-year-old Cougars and they did it Saturday in defense

sports grips • Well, how is it? Maybe Washington State is really good. Maybe the last few minutes a week ago were actually an anomaly rather than a defining moment. In front of the homecoming crowd, it certainly looks that way.


• 1997 Cougars Or at least many of them who could make it were in Pullman to be celebrated on Saturday. Walking the field in the first half and hearing the cheers of the Martin Stadium crowd again.

One of them to step onto the turf was Bill Dova, arguably the best defensive coordinator the Cougars have ever had (alongside Mike Zimmer). While many remember Doba as the head coach behind Mike Price, those in the know remember him as the architect of the best defense the WSU has put together during the modern football era.

Defense based on speed. toughness. great tackle. energy. You know, what the Cougar defense showed again against the Bears.

If the offense only holds Darnball…

where did you hear that? Paging Chad Davis. Regardless, Washington State overthrew his Bear team despite two ill-advised Cam Ward throws that cost at least 6 points and at most 14 points. under questionable circumstances.

This is not Pop’s California team. You know, what Doba’s defenses were breaking down. The Bears are better coached, have a stronger defense, have a little chip on their shoulders, and feature a capable quarterback. There’s the star of freshman running back Jadon Ott.

None of it mattered, especially after halftime.

The second half, which started with a 75-yard scoring drive, took all 69 seconds and showed what Washington State was all about. hit it. What is Washington State?

This is a defensive team that needs to really hum their offense or stay out of the way. If any of these occur, take note.

California revamped its offensive line a week ago, handing the ball to Ott and watching him rush through Arizona for a Pac-12 freshman-record 274 yards. Against Cougars? 71 yards on 16 carries. After his two runs of over 70 yards against the Wildcats, he scored his 18 long at Pullman.

Cal didn’t turn the ball over. The Bears took Ward his second pick. They tackled well, put pressure on Ward and jumped around. Still, they didn’t play after halftime.

Something special is happening at Palouse. And next Saturday, a special occasion awaits in Los Angeles. USC is undefeated. Top 10 entry. With Heisman candidate as quarterback, he has high offensive power. Former WSU assistant coordinates opportunistic defenses. And it seems ripe to take.

Watch out for balls. The screams and cries that might echo here in the Colosseum’s tunnels could take on shades of crimson and grey. At the end.

• We hate mistakes. Most of all, we hate mistakes. And we recently made a fuss. It was quite a brain fart. We didn’t even realize we had achieved it until a warning reader emailed us yesterday.

Throughout the season, we’ve denounced how ridiculous baseball’s playoff structure is. How the bottom wildcard team will play against the winner of the division with the worst record. And that’s how it seemed, because the division winners with the worst records were often not as good or accomplished as the wild card teams.

If the wildcard contender didn’t get the top spot and didn’t include a home game, they could have purposely lost and finished in 3rd place. American For most of his league season, that logic seemed correct, but Cleveland got on the heater and got away with the AL Central. The Guardians and Blue Jays wake up this morning with the same record.

But in the National League, the current top wildcard team, the Mets, looks tougher than central champions St. Louis, so we stand by that claim.

This leads me to my most recent mistake (I stalled as much as I could). I mixed up matchups recently. For some reason I incorrectly listed who the 2nd place and his 3rd place wildcard team would be playing against.

we feel terrible about it. We know you count on us. no excuses Don’t blame fatigue, editors, or $%&#@ computers. none of that. All we have is an apology. And deep hatred for our mistakes.


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Gonzaga: Rui Hachimura is from Japan. we all know that. What we all may not know is what it really means to him.

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Idaho: The Vandals rode to the right-hand side of quarterback Jevani McCoy in a 55-35 homecoming victory over Northern Colorado on Saturday. More importantly, they improved to 2-0 on the Big Sky play. Peter Harriman has a story. …The Bears were not happy.

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Seahawks: The Hawks kick off at 10 this week, so turn on the TV when you’re done reading this. Here’s what you should look for.

Kraken: Oh new mascot. … another shutout in preseason? Yes, please.

Sounder: No playoffs scheduled, but Christian Roldan has something to play for today when Sporting KC comes to Seattle.


• As I said earlier, we hate mistakes. There was another one in today’s TV take (already fixed). However, this was not entirely our fault. Autocorrect got us. But I should have seen it before sending. oh well. until later…