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Addison Ray's glutes die out in skinny leg booty shorts

Addison Ray continues to go out in swag shorts. This time around, the Los Angeles reality star stepped out wearing tight black shorts that enhanced her figure. She wanted to flaunt her round butt and toned legs. Addison has devoted her lessons to Pilates and yoga recently.

When she was a good friend of Kourtney Kardashian, she worked with the TV personality. Fans fondly remember when the two shared the six-minute booty workout that nearly broke the internet. Presently, she is working on her own as she focuses on her fitness. Read on to find out more and see the latest photos.

Addison Ray rolls on the beach in a bikini [Addison Rae | Instagram]
[Addison Rae | Instagram]

TikTok star shines in swag shorts

The 21-year-old made headlines with her latest sighting in Los Angeles. On Monday, September 26, Addison Ray wore a pair of black spandex booty shorts that showed off her peachy thighs and bottoms and tonal legs. She was wearing shorts with a cropped top that matched her black framed glasses. She finished her look with black fur boots.

Addison also carried a small Prada handbag and her phone. The It’s all this The star returned to her car with a big smile on her face. She wore her long brown hair down and straight with a thick black headband. Even though it’s fall in most parts of the country, Addison Ray wanted to use this moment to show off her body.

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♬ BOTA (Worst of All) – Eliza Rose and an Interplanetary Criminal ♬

She gave warm feelings with her shoes. Check out photos of Addison Ray in her booty shorts here. When she’s not doing Pilates and yoga, she’s always dancing or modeling on TikTok. The TV personality made her start with her famous dance TikTok videos. Unfortunately, her parents have been making more headlines than her lately.

Fans can’t stop talking about her mom, Cheri Nicole Easterling, who will be attending the 2022 MTV VMAs with rapper Yung Gravy. Meanwhile, her dad Monty Lopez has been heating up TikTok with shirtless clips. As for Addison Ray, she prefers to focus on her workouts. However, she had sent a message to her parents in her previous vision.

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Did Addison Ray send a letter to her parents?

Addison Rae made a fashion statement with another pair of booty shorts. She was wearing a pair of white pants that had “I don’t care” written on the front. Addison had a big smile on her face when she came out with the little number earlier this month. The influencer paired her look with a white shirt, which she wore over a black sports bra.

for every Sixth pageShorts from Prada and retail stores for $100. The cute design features the phrases “worry” and “stress” across each cheek from the butt. The fashion label also shared a photo of Addison Ray rocking her booty shorts on Instagram, which you can view here.

Addison Ray rolls on the beach in a bikini [Addison Rae | Instagram]
[Addison Rae | Instagram]

What are your thoughts on Addison Ray’s shorts? Do you think the method should return? Or do you think it should disappear? Sound out below in the comments section.

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