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Buff Bagwell completes rehab and says he's been vigil for more than 30 days - Wrestling News

Former WWE/WCW star Buff Bagwell gave an update, via YouTube channel DDP Yoga, about his sobriety after his time in rehab.

Bagwell said that before he went to rehab, he was working on a “change or die” project that would document his addiction problems, but it didn’t come clean every day. When he was interfered with, Bagwell said, he initially didn’t want to go to rehab.

“I would stay clean on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and say to myself, ‘Great work sign, this is great work and I’ve been sober for four days, you deserve three days off. “That’s what addiction tells you. So of course I dig into it. It’s like, ‘Hey, if I can be clean four days a week, I think I’m doing a really good job. And most people do.’ But then he started catching up to me.” But then the show ended.And when the show was over -there was a leash on the show and now the leash is off.Now you just got me out there in the world Traveling and coming home during the week was no restriction and no accountability.I realized on my own that I was getting bad.I was lowering my discs but I didn’t realize That’s really up to the class I’m in now what I’ve been doing, it’s called using a crossover. It’s not a gate, it’s called an intersection. Which means that if I lowered something like I was lowering my pill intake, but I was upping the alcohol, again, I tell myself, You’re doing better… You know, I’ve been entering my interjection here four to five weeks ago. Like any other addict, I’ve been trying to get out of going, of course, I didn’t want to go to rehab…”