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Butter Churner Sex Position: How To Do It

  • The sexual butter position involves the recipient placing their legs in the air.
  • Then the penetrating partner puts their legs on either side of their partner and squats to enter.
  • It allows for deep penetration and may help you get an adjacent yoga workout.

If you’re bored of alternating missionary, cowgirl, and doggy style during sex, it’s time to change it up in the bedroom.

Trying new poses can help you unlock different types of orgasms, new kinks, and simply have more fun. You can turn your sex life upside down (quite literally) with the butter sex pose – which is probably unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Not for the faint of heartAnd the The butter maker will require some exercise, flexibility, and an open mind.

Here’s how a butter maker works, including some simpler variations.

What is butter?

“Butter temperament is a yoga-meets-sex pose where the receiving partner flips over into the ‘plow’ position,” says Rachel Zar, M.D., certified sex therapist at Spark Chicago Therapy.

To get to this position, Zar says follow these steps:

1. The receiving partner lies on his back, then raises the lower half of his body by supporting himself with their hands on the lower back.

2. The receiving partner uses this lever to push their butt into the air so that their feet are either above it, or their body is folded in half with their legs and feet at either side of their shoulders/head. (This will vary based on personal mobility and flexibility)

3. The penetrating partner stands with their feet at the sides of their partner, squatting down to penetrate with their penis or toy.

As for some tips to make her feel more comfortable, a standing partner can help take some of the pressure off their partner’s back by helping elevate their partner’s legs, says Zar.

Or, if a standing partner feels unsettled, they can lean their hands against a wall for support and relieve some of the pressure from their knees and thighs.

Both of you visited, he suggests “staying there for a good time, but maybe not for long.” Listen to your body and rest if you feel uncomfortable. “If you notice the work of maintaining a pose more than the pleasure of being in it, move on to something else,” Zar says.

Benefits of the sexual butter position

Need more inspiration to try this position? Here are four reasons why a butter maker is great:

1. It’s an exercise: “If you’re someone who enjoys sweating during sex, this is for you,” Zar says. “The exercise and movement inherent in this pose will raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping.”

2. It is a novelty: When you’re used to going through the same situations every time you have sex, adding some freshness can really liven up your sex life. Zar says it could be exciting to incorporate a new position, even if it doesn’t become a requirement in the future. Not to mention it’s an exciting visual. “Seeing your partner completely deflated can be a uniquely exciting thing,” Zar says.

3. Allows deep penetration: With the receiving partner in this open position, it allows for deep penetration, which can be pleasurable to both parties. Not only is it deep, but Zar says it also allows for a new penetration angle, and the receiving partner will experience extra friction on the front wall of his vagina, which is often very sensitive.

4. It’s like a yoga inversion pose: “For the receiving partner, you’ll also get all the feel-good benefits of inversions in a yoga class, including a rush of blood to the head, which some really enjoy,” says Zar.

Butter churner differences

Butter paste is not for everyone. “Unfortunately, this position is not accessible or sustainable for many,” says Rachel Smith, sexual therapist at Infinite Intimacy Therapy. “However, we can use more ‘beginner-friendly’ yoga poses to receive similar sensations and stimulation.”

Here are three variations that Smith recommended:

1. The difference bridge

“A shoulder stand requires your back and legs to be lifted all the way up in the air. However, a bridge allows your feet to stay on the ground while you raise your back through your hips,” Smith says.

This is an easier way to be sexy, but still enjoy deep penetration.

How do I do it:

1. The receiving partner lies flat on his back with knees bent, feet hip-width apart, and slowly lifts his butt off the bed so that their knees are in a straight line with the hips.

2. The receiving partner pulls their shoulder blades together and keeps their forearms firmly on the bed to support their weight and keep their hips high.

3. The penetrating partner kneels between his partner’s hips to penetrate. As a bonus, they can lift their partner’s hips up to take some pressure off their partner’s arms while pushing.

In this position, there is direct access to the clitoris. Smith says you can take this opportunity to add clitoral stimulation into the mix, with either partner stimulating the clitoris with fingers or playing.

2. Happy Baby Difference

“This pose allows for a very similar type of penetration as the butter mood, except that your back is completely flat on the floor or bed and your legs are hip-width apart and bent at a 90-degree angle above you instead of in the air,” Smith says.

How do I do it:

1. The receiving partner lies on his back, pulling his knees to his chest.

2. The receiving partner flexes their feet to face the ceiling, then raises their hands to grasp the inner or outer sides of their feet, and gently pulls their knees to the sides of the body and toward the floor.

3. The penetrating partner among his partners gets to spread the legs and get in.

If the receiving partner isn’t flexible, they can keep their legs fully flexed, and pull their knees into the rib cage while holding their legs up, Smith says. For more comfort, you can place a pillow under your partner’s buttocks to support his lower back.

3. Variation of legs on the shoulders

“This position is accessible for people with certain physical limitations because it only requires the receiver to lie flat on their back, while their partner can help lift their legs and hold them in place,” Smith says.

Not to mention, it still provides deep penetration, and since the legs are closer together, you might get more G-spot stimulation.

How do I do it:

1. The receiving partner lies flat on his back and raises his legs straight, forming a 90-degree angle. Alternatively, their partner can raise their legs and hold them in place.

2. The receiving partner places each leg on either side of their partner’s shoulders.

3. The penetrating partner enters.

To make things more comfortable for the receiving partner, place a pillow under his or her back to help elevate the hips slightly, Smith says.

Informed takeaway

The butter machine is a fun and unique sex position to add to your repertoire and spice things up in the bedroom. However, since it is very easy for some people and can become uncomfortable after a while, don’t be afraid to switch to another change or situation entirely.

“Many people can get frustrated when trying new sexual positions, thinking they have to ‘get it right’ or ‘perfect’ in some way. This mindset can reduce how fun and exciting the experience as a whole is, especially when embrace modernity.

So, when trying new positions, Smith suggests taking a light approach. Remember: Sex is all about exploration and fun, and there’s certainly no shortage of sexual positions to play with.