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Change "Monsters" makeup by Jeff Daniel Phillips and Danielle Roebuck


Hermann Munster (Jeff Daniel Phillips, left) meets his future father-in-law (Daniel Roebuck).  Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Hermann Munster (Jeff Daniel Phillips, left) meets his future father-in-law (Daniel Roebuck). Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Los Angeles, Sept. 26 (UPI) – Jeff Daniel Phillips and Danielle Roebuck make-up told monsterson home video and Netflix Tuesday, help them transform into characters from the classic TV sitcom.

Philips, 57, told UPI in a recent interview with Zoom that his Herman Munster makeup takes four hours to apply per day. Heels increased from 6 to 7 inches and the headgear increased from 6 feet to 4 to nearly 7 feet.

“To balance on 6 to 7 inch heels, try to make them look natural and have that kind of boyish energy, it’s definitely been a journey,” Phillips said. “I used to do yoga every day or try every other day just to keep fit because it was hard.”

Hermann Munster is a Frankenstein-like creation that was assembled from different parts of people’s bodies and reactivated with electricity. The film tells the story of Hermann coming back to life and meeting his future wife, Lily (Sherry Moon Zombie).

Hermann costume also included a muscular suit. Phillips said he wrapped his ankles and knees to give his joints extra support with the elaborate outfit.

“I only fell twice, but thankfully I wasn’t hurt,” Phillips said.

When she meets Hermann, Lily is still living with her father (Roebuck). Once they have their son, Eddie, Grandpa will become Monster, but for now he is called the Count.

Roebuck, 59, said his makeup still takes three and a half hours to apply his mustache, sideburns, wig and facial prosthetics. Roebuck previously played well-known characters, such as Jay Leno in the HBO movie late shift.

“I’d forget I was wearing it and would walk at the thought and go, ‘Oh yeah, there’s Jay Leno,'” Roebuck said. “That was pretty much the same.”

Phillips has previous experience in the field of prosthetic makeup, playing a caveman in a series of Geico commercials for 10 years. Phillips said the caveman’s makeup was more restrictive, but he was able to work out his face under Hermann Munster’s hardware.

“I was trying to make my chin longer,” Phillips said. “Every day my jaw was almost out of control from trying to elongate.”

Phillips said the green makeup will also go away.

“It was on my pillow,” Phillips said. “It was in my hair.”

monsters The show ran from 1964 to 1966. It starred Fred Gwen as Hermann, Yvonne DiCarlo as Lily, Al Lewis as Grandpa and Butch Patrick as Eddie. Patrick has a cameo in monsters Movie.

The film also makes it clear that Hermann’s head came from breakout comedian Shecky Von Rathbone, also played by Phillips. Phillips said playing Shecky also helped him create Hermann’s voice by studying stand-up comedians.

“I literally had two full sets of comedy,” Phillips said. “Old vaudeville player, how was he going to set it up, his voice was going down and giving a punch.”

The Count doesn’t think Hermann is good enough for Lily. Roebuck, a father of two, said he could reach out because he was just as protective of his daughter Grace.

“Every father has a perfect child, and finding the right man is hard,” Roebuck said. “Hermann is an artist and we know they are poor. So I didn’t want my daughter to be with an actor.”

As an origin story of how the Munsters family held together, the actors were free to expand on the characterizations of their ancestors on television. Phillips made Hermann livelier with the bodily gestures and dances of the stoic Hermann Gwen.

“This is Hermann who just got off the plate trying to find himself,” Phillips said. “His voice breaks. He’s trying to figure out how to move in this huge, muscular body and he’s not used to that.”

Roebuck Lewis and Patrick knew personally and co-starred with Gwen in the film unorganized crime. Roebuck said he’s been collecting Monster and Universal Monsters memorabilia since he was a kid.

“I’m the only guy who had the gonads to go to Fred Gwen and go, are you going to sign my Hermann Monster doll?” said Roebuck. “So I’m the only one signed by the man himself.”

Roebuck said that the wives of Gwen and Louis personally told him that their husbands would be happy monsters they come back. Lewis’ wife, Karen, shared exactly what she expected from Lewis’ advice.

Roebuck said, “Karen Lewis said, ‘You know what Al’s going to say? He’s going to say he’s yours now, run with him.'”