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Cowboys' Jerry Jones is taking a bow and he got it this time

To Martin Rogers
FOX Sports Columnist

Jerry Jones once made a very Jerry Jones-centric comment.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones candidly admitted there was a time when Dallas Cowboys general manager Jerry Jones should have been fired.

If he wasn’t, you know, himself.

The concept was a bit confusing at the time, but it hasn’t gotten any more simplistic or humorous since then. But when it comes to the Cowboys, it just confirms that it’s always Jerry’s world.

As is always the case when there is either excitement or uncertainty or both in Dallas, Jones is at the center of the conversation.

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And in an enthusiastic rush to lavish praise on a man named Rush, Cooper Rush, an undrafted quarterback par excellence and a surprise antidote to what threatened to be a lost season for Dallas, Jones is stirring the pot without apology. Both Jones. Not Jerry, the team’s vice president, and his son Stephen. Jerry the owner and Jerry the GM.

Owner Jerry is busy talking about the possibility of a previously unthinkable QB rivalry between Rush and the injured $40 million Dak Prescott. GM Jerry uses the example of Rush as a subtle reminder that his old cynicism about football decisions doesn’t apply much these days, and that he’s been making a neat little streak of pretty good calls. I got

Because he could have handled the Rush/Prescott situation much differently. Central Michigan with fewer than 50 pass attempts in his entire career.

Jones could have gone for the more veteran Stop Gap. The trade of Pittsburgh Steelers backup Mason Rudolph has been discussed many times, but Jones and head coach Mike McCarthy have decided that, aside from a short trip to the New York Giants’ practice team, he will continue to play as a pro. He trusted Rush, who had been a cowboy his entire career.

It was an unexpected reaction. Rush kept the ball safe, engineered a late field gold live to pass the Cincinnati Bengals, wore the Giants down a week later, became the second QB in the Super Bowl era, and won a game on each of his first drives. Completed the drive 3 starts.

“If you had a dilemma which way to go, wouldn’t it be something?” Jones told reporters. “If[Rush]wins 10, they will. So did Prescott[and Tony Romo]. I think so.”

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In a direct sense, there is no real competition. Rush will be in charge again when the team faces the Washington Commanders at home on Sunday (1pm ET, FOX and FOX Sports app).

What would it take for Rush to pose the question? Another heroic drive, a swath of touchdowns, and even more composure than he’s shown so far?

But the reason Rush’s popular train has gained so much momentum is how the desperate situation first appeared when Prescott went bankrupt. Now, unexpectedly, the Cowboys suddenly find themselves not only trying to step in, but possibly arm wrestling with the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles at the top of the NFC East.

If all Jones is trying to achieve is tweaking the conversation about how he played a role in this feel-good factor that Cowboys fans are currently basking in, blame it on him. The little “look what I did” factor never hurts, and recent hires like defensive beast Micah Parsons and lead receiver Sheedy Lamb The decision has looked particularly poignant in the past few weeks.

One of the highlights is that even if Prescott picks up where he left off, Jones will almost certainly see the gap between his number one and number two quarterbacks widen in football. is not as large as expected. , including odds makers.

Despite a dismal start to the Commanders and their quarterback Carson Wentz last week in Philadelphia, where confidence looked hopelessly low, FOXBet, like most bookmakers, has been on a roll. We have Dallas as our 3-point favorite on Sunday.

Tim Cowishaw wrote for the Dallas Morning News: “It’s called Dak Prescott and in hopes he’ll miss the next game, the Cowboys are perceived as a badly underwhelming team. Actually Cooper he’s winning in a rush.”

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Did Cowboys QB Cooper Rush put more pressure on Dak Prescott?

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Some of Jones’ comments have been dismissed as Jerry being Jerry. For many, the QB’s fight remarks fell into that category. I laughed back and said something about the owner who fired the GM years ago probably fits that description as well.

But the thing to remember is that Jerry will always be Jerry and will never change, always recognizing that when teaming with the cult that follows the show is just as important as reality. Not afraid to spend a lot of money in pursuit of a return to , he is also ready to trust his intuition.

As it stands, it’s probably a pretty good time to be Jerry, with the doom of two weeks ago largely removed and optimism refreshed. Even the General Manager version doesn’t get fired, and there’s no reason to get fired right now.

Martin Rogers is a columnist for FOX Sports and author of the FOX Sports Insider newsletter. Follow him on Twitter @MRogersFOX When Subscribe to our daily newsletterr.

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