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Exes Lily James & Matt Smith were spotted at the same London party after over two years of splitting

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Image Credit: BACKGRID

Lily James33 and Matt Smith, 39, may have had an unexpected surprise run on September 30, more than two years after their split. The two former lovers were seen partying at Chiltern Firehouse, a luxury hotel and restaurant located in London’s West End. Lily and Matt apparently stayed outside until about five in the morning, when they came home separately within a few minutes of each other. It is unclear if the former couple met and spoke at the party.

Lily James
Lily James at the Chiltern Firehouse in London on September 30 (Image: BACKGRID)

Lily wore a gorgeous red dress that showed off her sexy body at night. The Pam and Tommy The actress kept her copper red hair in a chic bun, while leaving some tufts on the side of her face. Lily wore a pair of silver earrings and some bright red lipstick.

Matt looked handsome in a black jacket that he wore over a blue sweater shirt. The Dragon House The star also wore black jeans and a black beanie hat. Again, there is no photographic evidence of Matt and Lily bumping into each other at the party. For all we know, exes can be on great terms now!

Matt Smith
Matt Smith at the Chiltern Firehouse in London on September 30 (Image: BACKGRID)

The British actors started dating in 2014 after they met while filming Pride, Prejudice and ZombiesWhich was followed by a flirtatious encounter at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2014. Lily and Matt appeared on the official red carpet as a married couple at the 2015 premiere. Cinderella. They fed reports of a breakup after five years together when they were photographed having a very intense lunch in London in December 2019. The couple apparently made things right in March of 2020, when they were spotted out on a friendly outing together in London. But their romance unfortunately ended at that point.

Lily and Matt are both in new relationships now. Lily officially took to Instagram with her new boyfriend, rock star Michael Schumann37, in February 2022. Matt was dating a businesswoman Caroline Brady Since at least May 2021. Ironically, Caroline’s sister Millie Brady Take part in the tournament Pride, Prejudice and Zombies With Matt and Lily.

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