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Explora Journeys Presents "Ocean Health"

Why its price: With the ever-accelerating pace of daily life, disconnecting from ourselves and others has become an epidemic in the modern age. The Explora Journeys’ Ocean Wellness Program seeks to help guests heal themselves by embarking on a multi-faceted journey aboard the ship to return to peace and personal well-being. — Laurie Barati, Co-Writer at TravelPulse

Explora Journeys is pleased to announce that guests on board EXPLORA will not only be delighted with the travel discoveries they encounter on their journey, but will also have the opportunity to slow down, improve their well-being and find a renewed sense of calm and focus.

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Welcome to Ocean Wellness.

Ocean Wellness offers a range of highly effective and rejuvenating experiences far removed from the urban noise and perpetual digital culture. Guests at EXPLORA I can immerse themselves in tranquility, at one with the rhythm of the ocean. Sleep, relaxation, alertness, energy and immune strengthening are comprehensively addressed, producing a deep sense of physical and spiritual renewal enhanced by the invigorating effect of the sea. Over 1,000 square meters (10,764 square feet) of space is dedicated to a luxury spa, indoor and outdoor wellness areas, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, an outdoor sports court, and a jogging track.

“The philosophy behind Ocean Wellness is deeply rooted in the origins of the Explora Journeys,” says Julanda Marais, head of spa operations. “We have long understood the powerful effect of water and waves on the body, mind and spirit. This is the inspiration for Ocean Wellness. We want to give our guests a sense of refined simplicity, relaxed luxury, and complete mental and physical renewal.”

Neuroscience has shown how the ocean calms the mind, revitalizes the body, and enhances immune function. Instead of daily constant demands, guests explore new destinations and cultures, spend quality time with their buddies, make connections with like-minded people, and reconnect with what matters. And when the pace slows, self-discovery and healing can begin. It’s called a peripheral state of mind.

Experiences, programs and spaces designed to enhance the ocean’s influence on well-being help guests achieve inner and outer tranquility. From sleep to nutrition, a selection of initiatives have been coordinated to ensure they achieve a sense of renewal during their journey and beyond.

Ocean Wellness – The Spa

A place of rest and healing, or just a haven for pampering, Ocean Wellness – The Spa reflects the gentle and hypnotic effect of the ocean, allowing the stresses of everyday life to recede. With over 700 square meters (7,500 square feet) of space dedicated to treatments and wellness facilities, there is only one goal: to do everything possible to help guests let loose and truly relax.

treatment rooms: There are 11 treatment rooms, including 2 private spa suites with their own outdoor relaxation area; double treatment room and seven single rooms; Additional treatment room dedicated to specialized Medi-Luxe treatments by Dr. Levy Switzerland; and an outdoor space for guests to relax in.

beauty studio: The flowing design allows guests to enjoy all their personal grooming requirements in one quiet location, from rejuvenating hair and barber treatments at the hair salon to customized hand and foot treatments at the nail salon.

sensory therapeutic circuitGuests will find a wide range of facilities in the thermal wellness area that produce significant and noticeable benefits: hydrotherapy pool, steam room, Finnish sauna, salt cave, pilot shower, avalanche, and heated marble deck chairs.

Our Brand Partners: SPA & Beauty

A selection of partner brands has been meticulously selected to give guests Ocean Wellness gifts, sourced from experts who understand the ocean’s state of mind and how it is achieved. Explora Journeys’ approach to skincare is structured and customized. Only sustainable products containing first-class active ingredients with high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts are used in the spa.

– Dr. Levi, Switzerland It is the first cosmetic product in the world whose products have been proven to stimulate the source of collagen production in the body: dermal skin cells. This process has the effect of reversing skin aging by protecting, nourishing and awakening the skin’s regeneration system. Protected by an international medical patent, Dr. Philip Levy’s world-renowned stem cell formula is the product of 15 years of stem cell research. It is based on the 2012 Nobel Prize-winning discovery that stem cells can be reactivated so they can regain their youth. A recipient of 50 global awards, his skincare treatments produce visible transformative results.

– Aromatherapy Associates is a British luxury health and wellness brand that uses the power of the finest natural ingredients and the purest extracts and essential oils in its award-winning products and treatments. It offers a range of treatments that naturally promote better sleep, reduce stress, restore energy and build confidence.

– The Tides Wellness It is an antidote to hectic life. Only 100% natural ingredients are used in the evidence-based wellness treatments of this highly respected Dutch brand. They aim to synchronize the body and the brain through advanced technologies inspired by the rhythm of the tides, the seasons, the influence of the elements and their collective impact on our well-being.

Ocean Wellness – Fitness

The saying “a healthy body, a healthy mind” originated in the first century AD. Today, science has gone even further by proving that exercise is crucial to a strong immune system, lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, a balanced mood, good sleep quality, and higher energy. This knowledge lies at the heart of Ocean Wellness – the ethos of fitness.

Featuring 227 square meters (2,443 square feet) of indoor space and over 64 square meters (688 square feet) of unparalleled outdoor fitness facilities, Ocean Wellness – Fitness also offers a half-court basketball court as well as a running track. Panoramic and touch tennis. From the initial physical assessment to functional training and strength training, cardio and Pilates, in customized sessions or group classes, it focuses entirely on motivating guests to improve their health.

Our Brand Partner: Fitness – Technology

To create a great wellness and fitness experience for guests, designed to the highest standards, Explora Journeys has partnered with Technogym, a leading global brand of digital products and technologies for fitness, sports and health for wellness. Technogym’s intelligent connected equipment features the latest biomechanics and innovative digital technologies. The brand has been the official supplier of the last eight Olympic Games and a reference point for sports champions around the world.

Technogym’s personal fitness programs are fun and highly effective. Using the latest high-performance equipment, it is exclusively designed to meet the needs of each individual guest. Technogym Artis Line provides a cardio experience like no other, including Run Artis for indoor running and Artis Synchro elliptical. For strength training, there is the latest Technogym Artis equipment for the upper and lower body. Outdoor deck facilities include Technogym’s Skillrow, the first all-in-one rowing machine designed to improve anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular capabilities. Also on the deck are Group Cycle pedal bikes with a sea view, as well as a best-in-class auxiliary training device in all areas of Ocean Wellness – Fitness.

Fitness CenterFrom the fitness assessment area to the center’s contemporary Technogym Artis equipment, there is a balanced workout to help each individual become the best version of themselves.

fitness studio: Here, guests can take part in Technogym classes designed specifically for the Explora Expeditions, or they can target core strength and balance with Pilates reformers.

outdoor fitnessOffering an unparalleled range of fitness facilities with ultra-modern equipment offering an amazing range of exercise options, this is the ideal area for one-on-one or one-on-one training sessions.

jogging track: The encirclement of the ship is a 250-meter (820-foot) course where runners can enjoy ocean views while on tours.

sports court: The perfect space for touch tennis, half-court basketball or yoga ritual experiences.

Fitness in the suite: All guests have the option of training in their ocean-view suites or private suite balconies, encouraged by a virtual instructor. This is made possible by the Technogym Bench, a stylish strength training station with attached tools, and the Technogym Case Kit with QR code access to a digital library of video guided exercises with Technogym powered trainers.

Ocean Wellness – Wellbeing

Guests at EXPLORA I have the opportunity to enrich their sense of wellness with personalized consultations and retreat programs ranging from sleep and immunity boosting to nutrition. Designed to make a quality holiday stay easy and enjoyable, it helps achieve a state of inner and outer calm. Created in close collaboration with the Explora Journeys culinary team, our carefully designed conscious nutrition program shows guests how best to nourish their body and mind to help keep them healthy during and after the flight.


The benefits of yoga as a way to regulate the nervous system and its response to stress are well studied. Guests are introduced to a range of programs designed to relieve physical and mental stress.

yoga programs: Options include energy flow power classes to replenish stamina and strength; sleep yoga to induce deep sleep; Relaxing yoga to revive a sense of self-worth; Mindful Mindfulness: Yoga for Establishing the Body and Mind through Meditation. And immune-boosting yoga to support health and reduce anxiety through pranayama breathing techniques.

These are some of the most satisfying experiences offered to guests. Explora Journeys prides itself on providing smooth, proactive service at every turn and paying strict attention to personal preference. The sole objective is to give guests a carefully thought-out space and time in which they can relax, unwind, enjoy the ride, and slip into a state of ocean mindset.

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source: Explora Journeys press release.