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Fantasy Football Live - Titans' Derrick Henry Headlines Players to Worry About in Week 3

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Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don take a look at some of the players fantasy managers should watch out for this week.

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Matt Harmon: Welcome to the show of fellow stats geeks on the podcast. It’s Yahoo Fantasy itself, the legend itself, Dalton Del Don. Dalton, thank you for joining us here on Sunday morning.

Starting with Derrick Henry, we’re going to talk about a few players on fantasy football rosters that have people panicking.

Dalton Del Don: Unfortunately my panic level is very high. Before his injury last year, he was already showing some signs of decline, with the 28-year-old big dog logging a lot of mileage and playing with metal plates and screws on his paws, and this season. His break so far is just two tackles. 11 months after the operation.

The bigger problem might just be that the Titans just look bad: Ryan Tannehill has struggled without AJ Brown and has suffered major schisms throughout his career. And here is the problem. Starting in 2019, Derrick Henry saw his PPR points per game drop by 10 in his loss to the Titans. And this team, obviously, won’t look anything like the No. 1 seed it did last year.

Left tackle Taylor Lewan is currently out of the season. The fantasy manager wants Henry to play his game great bounce back today. This Raiders matchup has some sneaky shootout potential. And I’m not alone in saying this. But today I’m calling the Treylon Burks coming out party.

Matt Harmon: Yeah man, I’m nervous about Derrick Henry. Things don’t look good in Tennessee. If he has a big game, we might consider putting him in the trade block after this one.

Let’s move on to another guy I know people literally pee in their pants if they drafted this guy on the fantasy team… It’s Kyle Pitts. Tight end Kyle Pitts, what is Dalton’s panic level?

Dalton Del Don: It has to be the medium here. I am still a long term believer. But you just need to change your expectations of fantasy. And it’s not because he’s blocking a bit more, he hasn’t exploded in his first two games.Obviously, I’m a little concerned about how quiet he’s been on the box score.But that’s Drake. It’s London. he is a concern. Despite tough competition, the rookie receiver still ranks top five in target share among all wide receivers and top ten in yards per route run.Last week he finished first in the league in down goal percentage. led the

Suddenly, Kyle Pitts’ Alpha teammate raced for the target. I believe again, he is fantasy tight from now on he will be top 5 in the end. But it’s unlikely he’ll be the number one tight end that many wanted as much as I did. There are even minor concerns.

Matt Harmon: Yes, that’s right, Dalton. Everyone out there, hey Arthur Smith, you gotta pass the ball to your best player. Arthur Smith is passing the ball to his best player. His name happened to be Drake London instead of Kyle Pitts. I feel sorry for those who don’t like it.

Alright Dalton, last man. Let’s go back to the running back position. Travis Etienne. It doesn’t look good for the Travis Etienne Brothers out there.

Dalton Del Don: Yeah, medium to high concern, panic level here. There are some good points. Jacksonville far exceeded expectations, but so did James Robinson. He recovered faster from his Achilles injury and looked better than many running backs, basically any running back in his NFL history. And even if the explosion doesn’t come back, the pass protection is dependable.

Meanwhile, Etienne’s snap share fell to 37% last week. He’s fine, especially in his PPR format. Etienne nearly scored two touchdowns in Week 1. But man, he was being drafted in the 3rd and 4th rounds of the Fantasy League. is needed.

Matt Harmon: Yeah, that pick doesn’t look very good. Dalton, you always look great. It’s always nice to talk to you. Thank you for your participation. If you want more Dalton, and if you want more Dalton, be sure to subscribe to Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast and listen to him every Thursday on Statistics Geek.