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Former Broncos player hates playing under current Raiders coach Josh McDaniels and explains why

It’s safe to say the Raiders aren’t doing well just three weeks into their first season with Josh McDaniels. The Raiders are currently the only team in the NFL where he’s 0-3, and he’ll be 0-4 if he doesn’t beat the Broncos on Sunday.

McDaniels probably wanted to beat Denver for two reasons. Not only will it be his first win as a Raiders coach, but it will also be against the team that once fired him.

In 2009, McDaniels was hired to coach the Broncos. If one of his former players in Denver at the time is to be believed, the coaching assignment was a disaster. As Denver and Las Vegas go head-to-head this week, former Broncos offensive Tyler his porumbus stokes the rivalry flames by pointing out why everyone in Denver hates playing McDaniels I made it

One of McDaniels’ first big moves as a Broncos coach was in April 2009 when he traded Jay Cutler to the Bears. At the time, McDaniels seemed a little overconfident about his ability to succeed at any quarterback.

“After trading off a young core of our offense, including Jay Cutler, Josh said to the entire team, ‘Ferras don’t have to worry about the QB situation, I can turn HS QB into an All-Pro.’ Said.

McDaniels’ confidence may have been high because he had just helped lead the Patriots to an 11-5 record in 2008, but Tom Brady missed most of the season ( Brady was injured in the first quarter of Game 1, and Matt Kassel was out). become the starter for the rest of the season).

In addition to being overconfident about his system, Polumbas also noted that McDaniels treats players like children.

“After completing training camp legally fully padded twice a day, he touted a special post-practice reward. I have written“It was an ice cream truck and a T-shirt that said ‘Iron Man’. Our reward was ice cream….thanks Creamsicle.”

Polumbus noted that McDaniels started each day by ripping everyone on the team.

“Every day started with 10 minutes of bad soccer reels from the previous day, and if you had a bad play in practice 24 hours ago, he would taunt you and your coach,” says Polumbus. wrote on twitter“Sets the tone for a truly positive day in front of the entire team.”

Polumbas also shared a wild story about an assistant coach who wants nothing to do with McDaniels.

“After the season ended, I had an exit interview with my coach,” Pombas wrote. “He spent 10 minutes telling me everything I didn’t like, and he looked so depressed and miserable that when he finished, I didn’t care what he said about my play. I was worried about him.”

So how will this story end?

Polumbus has clearly waited quite some time to get all of this off his chest.

Polumbas spent the entire 2009 season with the Broncos, starting eight games on the offensive line. In 2010, he was cut by McDaniels just before the start of the season.

Polumbas shared his least favorite thing about McDaniels, adding that the former Broncos coach knew football “like anyone” but didn’t know how to treat people. McDaniels 2010 He was sacked by the Broncos in 2012 and played just 12 games in his second season.

McDaniels admitted earlier this year that his relationship didn’t work out while he was in Denver.

“I knew a little bit of football when I went to Denver,” McDaniels said via on Jan. 31. “I didn’t know the people very well. I didn’t know the key aspects of this process and how important it was to maintain the culture and build the team. Seeing that experience is one of the best things about our life in terms of my overall growth as a person and as a coach.”

McDaniels may have grown as a person, but Raiders fans probably don’t care about that growth unless he starts winning games.