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Free introductory in San Antonio for students ages three to four

Given the space available, the San Antonio Independent School District can enroll your children in a free education with access to medical and dental services.

San Antonio – Tynan Early Childhood Center is a school with a rhythm. It is also a school with a room for children aged three to four to embark on the path of early education.

“If anything the pandemic has taught us is that children should be in school,” said Gregorio Velazquez.

Velazquez has been a manager at Tynan for ten years. The school is a bilingual campus on 925 Gulf Street.

“It’s more than just a school,” he said. “It’s an institution.”

According to Velazquez, his teachers operate from a high-scale curriculum, which means the classes are active, play-based, and collaborative.

“They sit together in groups,” he said. “They learn from each other, and most importantly they are able to demonstrate how they like to learn.”

Class sizes are small and inclusive of co-teaching. There is a mixture of special education and regular education children who communicate.

Tynan is one of five early childhood centers in the SAISD system. Other amenities include Gonzales, Carroll (Dual language), Knox (Dual language), and Nelson.

Students are not required to live within the Early Childhood Center school district—Head Start programs funded by the City of San Antonio and SAISD are run.

Quae Moragne lives near East San Antonio School, and loves what his son Zakay gets from the center.

“If first grade starts today, it will be a good fit,” Moran said.

His four-year-old son and others come to school with a rotating music playlist while parents lead them to class.

Early withdrawal starts at 7 a.m., but school starts at 7:30, Velasquez said. Parents pick up their kids at 2:30 p.m.

Students get free medical and dental services, and their families get comprehensive benefits.

One of these benefits is the opportunity to follow their lives. Cristina Moreno said that while her son, Dominic Ramirez, was in Tinan, his father worked, and she went back to school.

“I was driving him to school, and I asked him, baby, do you like school?” Moreno said. “Go mom, I love school. And that made me really happy to hear that because I didn’t like school.”

The unique learning environment frees students from walking in individual lines. Velasquez said the kids could stretch across the hall as they are directed to their next stop to sing.

Each teacher gets a music tape. As the students climb the obstacle course outside, “Eye of the Tiger” plays.

Students can also relax in yoga – and focus on learning today’s lesson. They eat lunch in the classroom.

Gonzalez and Nelson reached their scoring goals of 128 and 207, respectively. SAISD said it will hire teachers and create additional classes if needed.

Carol has 28 seats open now, and Knox has four. Tynan has 16 seats available.

Interested parents or guardians should contact the SAISD Early Childhood Division at 210-554-2410 or log in at