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Gareth Southgate: Experience can help turn things around | Raheem Sterling: This is not the time for England to panic | Football News

Gareth Southgate knows the negative perceptions around him are ‘not healthy’ for the team and has asked him to vent his frustrations, not the players, ahead of Monday’s World Cup send-off against Germany. urged England fans to

England’s form is just bad timing, with the Southgate side failing to win five games and also experiencing relegation from the top tier of the Nations League with one game left after Friday’s 1-0 defeat in Italy. abandoned them.

When asked if he was doubting himself following the recent criticism, the Underfire boss pointed to his years of experience.

Southgate replied: “Sadly, I’m in my fifties now, have been in football for 30 years, have been in 12 tournaments in one way or another, and have been lucky enough to work with and scout these chaps. I think – this is going to be mine. I was 7th as a player and as a coach, so I’ve seen pretty much everything.

“The cycle of the war with the media, the love-in – we are somewhere in between. I have to.”

Gareth Southgate faces criticism over poor form in England

Germany are visiting Wembley on Monday night as England try to avoid a slump in performances and results.

When England lost 4-0 to Hungary in June and was again booed by traveling fans on Friday, he was met with ridicule and chants of “you don’t know what you’re doing”.

“Look, I’m the manager,” he declared. “The results are not at the level we want or need, so that’s a fact no matter what job you’re doing in football.

“Of course, with the national team, we understand that the noise will be louder and more widespread.

“I’m not hiding from it. We don’t enjoy it, but we have to keep doing the right thing every day to keep improving.”

Southgate also knows his future will depend more on England’s World Cup performances than on past successes or the fact that he’s under contract until 2024.

“I’m not stupid,” he added. “My only focus at the moment is getting the team right for (Monday) night.

“We are focused on good performances, good results. Then we have our eyes on the World Cup, and we know that in the end it will be judged by what happens at that World Cup.

“Contracts don’t matter in football because we accept that managers can sign contracts for three, four or five years and if the results aren’t good enough, it’s time to say goodbye.”

STERLING: It’s not time to panic

Forward Raheem Sterling jumped into the pressured England boss’s defense ahead of the Nations League game against Germany, urging ‘it’s not the time to panic’.

Southgate were booed by some supporters of the trip after their loss at San Siro, with their World Cup opener against Iran on 21 November looming.

But Sterling said England reached the World Cup semi-finals in Russia four years ago and finished second at last summer’s European Championships ahead of Monday night’s game against Germany at Wembley. He immediately defended the director, citing

When asked about the criticism directed at Southgate, Sterling said: “We all know that comes with football and playing at the highest level.

Gareth Southgate England

“You’re being scrutinized and a lot of it is of course unfair, but that’s our level against England.

“We are under constant pressure to win and this small loss of form is nothing to panic about. Now we have a big chance to get out in the winter and show what we can do again.”

He added: “He took us to the semi-finals and the final because of what he’s been doing since he got the job.

“Yes, I know we’re not quite where we are right now, but I think there are still positives.”

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Italy manager Roberto Mancini is helping England to a strong run at the World Cup despite their current poor form.

‘Athletes have to take responsibility’

Raheem Sterling
Raheem Sterling defends Southgate

Sterling went on to admit that England are in their worst shape in eight years, admitting they are not where they need to be at the moment ahead of the World Cup in November, and to hold his players accountable to change things. I called to do so. Take pressure around and south gate.

“Ever since the director came, he has always tried to protect us,” he said. “He always tried to create a really calm environment for us to be on the football field and do what we needed to do.

“After the summer ended, we all had to go home and reflect on ourselves. None of us were proud of those performances. Gareth shouldn’t be responsible for all of that. I think.”

“We have players on our team who have played at the highest level and we need to take some of the responsibility and start getting some of these performances right and winning football matches.

“That’s what we’re here for. We’re not just a nation to participate in. We want to win something. We’ve been talking collectively, but we’re trying to get things right.” I think we are in the right place for

“It’s only natural for Sterling to return to Southgate.”

Sky Sports News Senior Reporter Rob Dorsett said:

“It was pretty defiant against Gareth Southgate.

“Recognising England’s results towards the end of last season and Friday night’s game against Italy at San Siro, he has a tricky line to walk. At the end of the last two games. .

“But on the other hand, he’s trying to talk to his players and send a positive message ahead of the World Cup, because he’s just over 50 days away from England, who will play the first match of the tournament against Iran on 21 November. Because it’s only far away.

“He can’t have a negative feeling around the team right now, so it’s hard to balance. This is the most difficult time he’s had in his six years as England manager. He has performed well in the last two competitions.

“I think it’s not surprising that Raheem Sterling chose to sit next to Southgate at the press conference because Southgate knows Sterling very well. They have been together since U21 in 2013 and Sterling was only 17 when he was in England.” U21 side.

“At the time, Southgate was like a father figure to him, standing by Sterling’s side when he was criticized early in his England career. England manager.”

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Rob Dorsett looks back on England’s defeat to Italy as he prepares for the World Cup.

“This is the most difficult spell of Southgate’s tenure.”

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Rob Dorsett says Gareth Southgate feels pressured by his role as England manager but doesn’t expect his job to be in jeopardy ahead of the World Cup.

Sky Sports News Senior Reporter Rob Dorsett said:

“This is the hardest spell Southgate has had to endure in his six years as England manager.

“It’s been a difficult time and he’s under pressure. England have gone five games without a win. We’ve lost two in the trot and frankly, I’m losing confidence right now.”

“That said, the pressure doesn’t apply in terms of Southgate potentially losing his job before the World Cup. That won’t happen.” level is not on the agenda at all.

Declan Rice
Declan Rice

“But I feel like this next game is going to be big for England. Southgate declared he was still the right man to take England to the World Cup. Frankly I Most of us didn’t see it.

“Southgate said he didn’t think his performance against Italy was that far off. He knew he would be criticized for saying that. His tactical decisions were again questioned. Right after the goal, frankly it was a pretty straight long ball.

“But Southgate cannot legislate that the Premier League’s top defenders do not defend a simple ball like Italy’s goal.

“It’s not just Southgate. There’s fatigue across this English side right now with too many key players either sick or not playing enough football for their clubs. This is for Southgate. It’s a real problem, there are still a ton of question marks that the manager has to deal with.”

England world cup group b match.

Harry Maguire and Harry Kane started for England against Italy at San Siro.
Harry Maguire and Harry Kane started for England against Italy at San Siro.

November 21: Iran (Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan) – 1:00 PM Kick Off

November 25: united states of america (Al Bait Stadium, Al Hall) – 7pm Kickoff

November 29th: wales (Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan) – 7:00 PM Kick Off