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Go to Portugal Fair: Discover healthy living in the Algarve

A new report underscores the importance of wellness for second home buyers. London event takes place On October 20

Wellness is becoming increasingly important to second home buyers, according to Savills’ new “Global Destinations for Second Homes” report.

As the fallout from the pandemic continues in terms of adjustments to the way we live and work, families seem to be taking wellness so seriously that it is affecting their choices about where to buy their second home.

For second home buyers from London, Portugal’s Algarve region ranked second on the list of top destinations.

According to Savills research, “With an increased focus on personal health and wellness, second home locations have to do double duty by providing both sun, sea, countryside or traditional mountains as well as major amenities to enhance personal wellness.

“Locations that excel in this category offer ample gyms, plethora of golf and tennis courses, and plethora of spas that second home residents can take advantage of. Air quality is also a key component to attaining the highest levels of wellness, especially as many have recognized the effects of Pollution on personal health.

The Algarve is one area that wins a lot when it comes to wellness credentials. With a coastline of more than 200 kilometers in length, there is sea air in abundance, while there is also wonderful fresh mountain air just a few kilometers inland. Both landscapes also offer wonderful views that can’t help but renew and restore the mind.

In addition to its natural environment, Algarve offers a stress-free lifestyle ideal for those looking for more serenity.

Plant-filled trees, olives, oranges, figs, almonds, and an array of other fresh fruits and nuts contribute to the exquisite local gastronomy, along with abundant seafood from the Atlantic. Even the wine is fresh and uncomplicated, with homemade wines offering a taste of sunshine in every glass.

Christina Hebesley, Director General, Portuguese Chamber UK
Christina Hebesley, Director General, Portuguese Chamber UK

Nationally, Portugal’s air quality is rated “good” by IQAir. Meanwhile, the cleanest air quality in the country is in the Alcoutim town of Algarve. Tucked away on the Guadiana River, which marks the border between Spain and Portugal, the city is known locally for its stunning river beach, where visitors can enjoy the warm, shallow waters, hidden in a valley that seems a million miles away from the rest of the world.

For those who prefer offering their wellness in a spa environment, Algarve also ticks all the right boxes. The region has more than 40 spas and treatment centers. From the aquamarine-inspired spas in the Algarve’s ocean caves, which offer state-of-the-art treatments (think aromatic botanical facials and quartz gold treatments), to traditional settings that provide deep massages that seem to relax every cell of your body, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Algarve wellness centers.

With plenty of rolling countryside available, the Algarve has plenty of space for golf courses. The region boasts 31 courses in total, with destinations like Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, and Vilamoura attracting players – and second-home buyers – from all over the world.

Go to Portugal Fair: Discover healthy living in the Algarve

Christina Hebesley, Director General of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK says: “The Algarve is a wellness embodied in an area. From fresh air to the rhythm of life to abundant opportunities to keep fit, it features an ideal outdoor lifestyle to attract stress-tired buyers. and pollution back home. The abundance of luxury spas and wellness centers is a plus, while the local gastronomy is healthy and delicious. It’s a very special place to live for those who focus on their personal health and wellness.”

Those looking for more than just a vacation can find out more about life in Portugal at the upcoming Portugal Move Fair and Seminars. Taking place on October 20, from 11am to 8pm at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel, London, the exhibition will feature over 20 exhibitors, with experts on hand to discuss a wide range of aspects of life in Portugal.

Visas, tax options, accommodation, healthcare, education, daily life and more will be in the spotlight, with seminar presentations, panel discussions and one-on-one networking all helping attendees discover everything they need about moving to Portugal.

Go to Portugal Fair: Discover healthy living in the Algarve
Photo: Andrea Biacodio / PEXELS.COM

The Moving to Portugal exhibition, hosted by the UK Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, is free to attend and venues for presentations and webinars can be booked online..

Homebuyers looking to take advantage of a healthy lifestyle in Portugal have plenty of options when it comes to real estate. At Greens Vilamoura, for example, the unique living experience focuses on sustainability and harmony, with development designed around the goal of improving residents’ quality of life. Vertical gardens that reuse treated water from a 100% ecological 25m pool means Vilamoura Greens is full of foliage and plants.

Meanwhile, at the Verdelago resort, Altura, luxury is on display through indoor gardens, sports facilities, a stunning coastal setting, and a market filled with local and ecological products.

In addition to homebuyers, vacationers are increasingly focusing on wellness, according to Turismo de Portugal, which notes that an increasing number of travelers are looking to include some elements of wellness in their vacations. This is leading hotels and resorts to include swimming pools, spas, and activities such as yoga and daydreaming sessions in their holiday offerings.

As a region, Algarve runs a spa week from October 22-30, designed for a digital detox to empower individuals to connect themselves with health.

The Algarve scores particularly well in Savills’ recent Yoga Index, which ranks areas based on yoga environments, yoga class essentials and a yogi index. Algarve Mode 11The tenth internationally for its impressive yoga offering. The area is also known for its amazing wellness and detox centers, such as the Juice Master Retreat and Vitalisé Portugal, which focus on supporting a healthy mind in a healthy body.

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