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Hillclimb kings and queens crowned for the weekend | News, Sports, Jobs

Mass City’s KJ Jolliff is the Stock King of the Hill. In the shootout, only Jolliffe got past Wheelkate Bluff. (provided photo)

SOUTH RANGE — After nearly 100 runs on the steep Wheelkate Bluff, it took just one run to decide Hill’s Stock King and Mod King.

Vollwerth’s Meats – Pat’s Motorsports – Wildlife Refuge Cabins Motorcycle Hillclimb took place on Saturday at Wheatkate Bluff in South Range. The Hill Climb was sanctioned by expert snow and terrain racers from Central America, commonly known as Masters.

Masters No. 1 Bike Hill Climber, Mass City’s Mike Cartland Qualifies for Vollwerth’s Meats “King of Meat” Won 4 different classes and modified King of the Hill.

The other three scored one run in the King Shootout. Those three are Brad Havela of Ishpeming, Keith Williams of Watersmeet and Brian Pence of Rockland.

Kirtland ran first and took the lead on Pat’s Motorsport Yamaha in 13.4 seconds. Javera was next, scoring a run of 16.12 seconds. Williams clocked his astonishing 12.35 seconds. Brian Pence and Kirtland beat that 12.35 second run as Williams set the bar.

The first woman to take part in the MASTERS Racing Circuit Motorcycle Hillclimb was Hanna Havela from Ishpeming. Havera climbed the South Range’s steep wheel Kate her bluff almost 100 yards to win 906 and Company her Queen of the Hill. (provided photo)

Pence came out on top in 14.39 seconds.

Kirtland still had three shots to beat Williams. His second run was his 13.10 seconds and his third run was his 12.83 seconds. That means it took one final run of his to maintain his status as Mod King of the Hill for the past three years.

Kirtland’s final run was 12.70 seconds. So give the crown of Vollwerth’s Meats Mod King of the Hill to Keith Williams.

After beating all of his shootout runs, Kirtland felt good on his last run.

“I jumped over walls and never jumped this far.” Kirtland said.

His team was cautiously optimistic until hearing a time of 12.70 seconds.

“Could not start Top Gun’s bike” He said. “I knew I could go faster than 10 seconds on that bike.

Pence finished third in the shootout. Two runs got him within a few feet of the top. On one run, the video showed his bike going over the top. The only problem was Pence wasn’t on the bike. Thus, he recorded his 209-yard tally.

Havela finished in 4th place and did not disappoint.

“The weekend wasn’t too bad as I only got about an hour on the new ride.” He said, “2nd in Mod/Swing Arm Open 250/450cc. (I) took 1/3 in open stock.”

The Ishpeming hill climber continued. “Not bad, but I was really going for King of the Hill this time.”

The mod king of the hill shootout wasn’t the only one to fall in the final run. The same scenario happened with Wildlife Refuge Cabins Stock King of the Hill.

This time Pence scored three runs in two rounds of qualifying at Stock. The only other hill climber to qualify was Mass City’s KJ Jolliffe. Pence agreed to run first on the Settlers Co-op/Source His Heating Center/Citizens State He Banks bike. He fell only one yard before he crossed the top. That gave him the 209-yard mark that Jolliffe had to beat. In other words, Jolliffe would have to take his Jolliffe truck/Joliffe Bozers/CJ he service bike up.

Jolliffe went over the wall and turned around on the 16-second run.

Pence scored two more runs to take the lead over the 16-second run. On his next run, he ran for his 189 yards.

In the final run, Pence made it happen again. He quickly went to the top of the wall, but he could not go over it. It was Jolliffe who won the prize money and the Diamond House International King of the Hill Jacket while registering another 209-yard run.

Atlantic Mine’s Robert O’Connell wowed many professional and amateur hill climbers as he did at Willy’s Tire Shop/Bartanens Auto Body Kids King of the Hill. O’Connell qualified for his 150 yards.

“It’s a lot farther than I’ve gone and many other riders have.” Another hill climber said.

Even more exciting, O’Connell won the Kids King of the Hill for 158 yards. Gabe Kirtland of Mass City he went 100 yards.

“It was Gabe’s second time on a motorcycle.” said Kirtland’s dad, Mike.

For the first time since the inception of the MASTERS hillclimb circuit at Wheelkate Bluff in 1991, women competed in a motorcycle hillclimb. Brad is her Javera daughter, Hannah. Hannah’s first run, her best run, was 92 yards. On her last run, Westwood High School/Chain her gang her racer she ran 87 yards.

“We practiced on some small hills in the Ishpeming area.” Brad said. “At first she was nervous and wasn’t sure if she wanted to compete. Then she said she wanted to challenge Hill (Wheelkate Bluff). I’m so proud of her.”

Not long after the climb ended, Javera’s excitement took a turn. A hill climber who just missed the cut for King of the Hill, Jesse Perry, has died. Perry was Brad Havela’s brother, Gage’s best friend. Gage and Perry graduated from Westwood High School and played soccer together.

Perry scored two runs when over 470 feet. His best result was his 5th place finish in the Mod 450-4 class.The class that becomes “feature” Sponsored by Vollwerth’s Meats, Wildlife Refuge Cabins and Pat’s Motorsports, next year’s Jesse Perry Memorial Hillclimb will be renamed the Jesse Perry Memorial Class. The winner of the Jesse Perry Memorial Class will receive a plaque sponsored by Stampede Sport N’ Feed.

“He (Jesse Perry) lived for the hill climb.” Marissa Corkin said. “It was one of the things he wanted to do.”

The 2016 Westwood Class is trying to raise money for the winner of the Jesse Perry Memorial Class. Perry graduated from Westwood High School in 2016.

MASTERS have their eyes on Vollwerth’s Meats WINTERNATIONALS Snowmobile and Snow Bike Hillclimb at Wheatkate Bluff on February 4th and 5th, 2023.

“There are more people with snow bikes.” Colin Jolliffe said. “We aim to compete on that hill climb.”

“That snow bike will reach the top” said Mike Cartland. “Guaranteed!”

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