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Hummel 'tones down' Danish World Cup kit branding at Qatar news

Kit maker Hummel said it did not want its brand to be displayed during the World Cup in Qatar, citing the human rights situation in Qatar.

Denmark unveiled unsponsored monochrome kits for its upcoming tournament in protest against the host country.

In a statement marking the release of the Hummel-produced strip, the company said it had “toned down” its logo and “iconic chevron”. People are their own life.”

“With the new Danish national team jerseys, I wanted to send a double message,” Hummel said. It is also a protest against the human rights record.

“Therefore, we have toned down every detail of the new Danish World Cup jersey, including the logo and iconic chevron, as we do not want to stand out during a tournament that has claimed the lives of thousands of people.

“We fully support the Danish national team, but that is not the same as supporting Qatar as the host country.

“We believe sports should bring people together. If not, we want to make a statement.”

Denmark also unveiled an all-black ‘color of the morning’ kit to honor the migrant workers who died during construction work for the tournament.

The design appears to have fulfilled a promise made by the Danish Football Association to wear garments containing critical messages at their tournament in Qatar last November.

FIFA World Cup rules forbid making political statements on team jerseys, but the design of three Danish jerseys, all-red, all-white and all-black, does not include explicit statement words or It doesn’t seem to conform to symbols.

National team badges, Hummel logos, ornate white chevrons – famous features of Danish shirts since the 1980s fade to the same solid color as the shirt.

The Danish Federation also participated in a European campaign launched last week for captains to wear heart-shaped, multi-colored One Love armbands at World Cup matches.

sky sports news FIFA and the Danish Football Association have been reached for comment.

Supreme Committee denies ‘thousands of lives lost’

In response to the launch of Hummel’s Danish kit, the Supreme Committee said: “Since winning the hosting rights to the FIFA World Cup, the SC has worked with the Government of Qatar to ensure that the tournament provides a lasting social legacy. I have been working hard to

“Our commitment to this legacy has contributed to significant reforms of the labor system enacting laws that protect workers’ rights and ensure improved living conditions for workers.

“We have had a strong and transparent dialogue with the DBU through UEFA Working Groups and various platforms led by FIFA and other independent groups. challenges we face, and the legacy we deliver in 2022 and beyond.

“Therefore, we dispute Hummel’s claims that this tournament has claimed the lives of thousands of people.In addition, we have built the FIFA World Cup™️ Stadium and have been involved in other tournament projects. It spans 150,000 employees across services and 40,000 employees in the hospitality sector.

“Countries should always have the responsibility to do more to protect the rights of people around the world, including Denmark. Recognized by many groups within the community.Qatar’s reforms have been recognized by the ILO and ITUC as a regional benchmark.As with all countries, progress on these issues is a journey without a finish line. , Qatar is working on its way.

“We urge the DBU to accurately communicate the results of the extensive communication and work with the SC to ensure that this is accurately communicated to Hummel’s partners.”