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Independent Libraries in Metro Detroit

If you are a book buff, or if you have a book lover in your life, Metro Detroit is filled with unique independent bookstores catering to a diverse group of readers. From children’s books to rare and used children’s books, from comics to bestsellers, if there is a book you want to buy, there is sure to be a local store carrying it.

Here are some of the independent bookstores in and around Detroit that you need to bookmark!

Detroit Libraries:

Libraries located across the city, each with their own specialties, are waiting to expand your perspective and enhance your bookshelf.

The source for downtown booksellers:

If you are a non-fiction reader, Source Booksellers is your go-to bookstore! Open source since 2002, has been in the current building in Midtown Since 2013. This independent black and women-owned bookstore has a wide selection of non-fiction books.

From history to health, and spirituality to social justice, Source Booksellers has something for whatever piques your curiosity. It also has a unique collection of non-fiction children’s and adult books. Relax in one of the comfortable chairs and expand your view of the world!

In addition to books, Source Booksellers regularly host community events: author readings, performances by local musicians, yoga classes, and book talks. Check out their website For more information about upcoming events.

27 letters written in southwest Detroit:

It originally started as a pop-up library in West Village27th Letter Books found her brick-and-mortar home in Southwest Detroit In 2020. Pretty stone walls, exposed ceiling beams, and warm wood floors give this space a rustic and relaxed feel.

Epistle XXVII focuses on highlighting books from underrepresented authors and creating an inclusive and accessible environment. They also regularly look for book suggestions from the community, so if there’s something specific you want to see in a bookstore, Contact the owners!

Besides the bookstore, The 27th Book hosts events such as children’s stories, poetry readings, open mics, writing groups, and more!

Pages Bookstore in Grandmont Rosedale:

Located in Detroit’s beautiful Grandmont Rosedale neighborhood, Pages is a carefully curated bookstore with a great selection. With plenty of natural light pouring in from this stretch of Grand River Ave, the store is filled with warmth and brightness.

No matter what your reading interests are, Pages Bookstore has it all: fiction, non-fiction, for kids and teens. Pages also focuses on carrying Detroit authors, so you can check out all the talented writers in the city. In addition to books, Pages has T-shirts, postcards, magazines, and more.

Besides hosting author readings and book talks, Pages Bookstore also maintains its own book club. If you are interested in joining our community of readers, You can learn more here. And last but not least, Pages is home to Pip, the resident cat. While asking for bookshelves, you can pet their adorable cat!

Midnight vault at Milwaukee Junction:

Comic book lovers, this is for you. Recently relocated from downtown Detroit to the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood, The Vault of Midnight is a one-of-a-kind comedy store. Sitting on the corner of East Grand Blvd and Oakland, the Vault of Midnight is filled with comics, graphic novels, manga, clothing, figurines, key chains, and more.

In addition to in-store merchandise, Vault of Midnight offers a wide range of services, including comic subscriptions, special orders, comic book reviews and purchases. They also support educators and librarians to build and curate a selection of comics and graphic novels!

The Vault of Midnight has two additional locations, one in Ann Arbor and one in Grand Rapids.

john king books:

John K King Books is as much a shop as it is an experience. Located on the western edge of downtown Detroit, this used and rare bookstore holds the title of largest second-hand bookstore in Michigan.

For a sense of scale, John K King Books has over a million books on its four floors. If that sounds overwhelming, it is (in the best way). When you enter the store, be sure to get one maps To guide you through their classes and book classes. Whatever your niche interests – gardening, film, theater, alternative medicine, the classics – John K King will likely have a section for you.

You can check out their Ferndale site if you want to start with a smaller size. Equally rich in rare and used titles, this site is a bite-sized version of a downtown store.

John King Books, @katethegreat423


This unique and sophisticated library can be found within Sirin Hotel downtown. Specializing in fashion, design and art books and magazines, B_KS@ has carved its own niche in Detroit’s independent book scene.

B_KS@ carries limited edition books and magazines that come from all over the world. If you care about fashion and design, choosing them will pique your interest and offer you new and exciting perspectives!

B_KS@ also ships their merchandise all over the world, so even if you aren’t able to check it out in person, you can look at it and Order on their website!

Siren . Hotel Lobby

The Sirene Hotel, Photo courtesy of Christian Harder

Metro Detroit Libraries:

The surrounding suburbs have their fair share of independent bookstores. Here are some to check out!

Books another look:

This award-winning second-hand bookshop is located in the downstream suburb of Taylor. With books stacked lining the sides of the entire store, Other Look Books waste no space, so you can be confident you’ll find something you love.

The store opened in 1995 and has branded itself as a “Private Place for Readers”. Philosophy, poetry, photography, mystery, music, metaphysics, other look books sell any genre you can think of! They also offer trade credit, so if you have some books you’re willing to part with, you can exchange them for store credit.

In addition to their books, they regularly post hilarious book-themed memes on their pages Facebook pageSo check it out too!

book win:

The Book Beat can be found at Lincoln Shopping Centre, a mall on Greenfield Road in Oak Park. Book Beat has been open for 40 years and is a staple of the local independent book scene. The store retains the atmosphere of a classic used bookstore, with rows of wooden bookshelves, stacks of books on the floor, hanging house plants, and unique art.

Although it sells a range of titles, The Book Beat specializes in “art, children’s books, multicultural literature, and fine literature.” Their carefully curated selection is a creator’s dream! They also sell rare and out-of-print books, art, and photography.

Make sure to block your calendar before you visit, because you can easily spend hours perusing the shelves!

Win the book, Castleton

Paper trail books:

Find this general interest library in the heart of downtown Royal Oak. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Royal Oak and slow down in the welcoming, well-stocked bookstore.

Paper Trail mainly specializes in affordable used books, and it maintains over 20,000 titles in its store. They also sell fun throwbacks like CDs, records, classic board games, and collectibles. If you are a chess player, challenge a friend to a game using the shop’s chess set. Or if you’re a pianist, give your fellow book shoppers a casual concert at the store’s piano!

You can also check file Store calendar For events such as stories and book signings.

Coreander’s Children’s Library:

Located on lively Kercheval Street in Grosse Pointe Park, Coreander’s Bookshoppe is a stunning store that is sure to wow kids and adults alike. With walls dotted with beautiful murals, a second floor overlooking the main floor, a cute cafe with classic black and white tiles, and an outside backyard, Coreander’s isn’t just a place to shop for the kids, it’s a place to shop with Children.

Coriander’s magical aesthetic sets the stage for her wonderful selection of books for children and young adults. Whether you are trying to find a book for a newborn or a teen, this store has a book for all the young people in your life.

If you’re looking for a way to spend the day with your kids, add Coreander to your itinerary. You can also stop by on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. Story events!

sho books:

While you’re in the neighborhood, you can also check out Shaw’s Books, located less than a block from Coreander’s. Walking into this library is like traveling back in time, as piles of rare and collectible books lie along narrow bookshelves.

Primarily opened by appointment, Shaw’s Books is a buyer and seller of collectible books within a wide range of genres. Shaw’s Books also offers evaluation services, so if you have an old book gathering dust on the shelf, bring it up by Shaw’s Books and see what it might be worth! The owner, Hank Zuchovsk, gives talks about collecting and evaluating the books.

If you are a book collector or simply a book lover, add Shaw Books to your list!