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Initially, Saudi Arabia introduced yoga in universities

Riyadh city:

The Saudi Gazette reported that Saudi Arabia will introduce yoga in its universities in order to spread awareness and stimulate its practice as a lifestyle for all segments of society.

The Saudi Yoga Committee, in cooperation with the Saudi Universities Sports Federation (SUSF), organized a virtual lecture for all representatives of universities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on yoga under the title “Yoga for university students of both sexes”.

The meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Saudi Universities Sports Federation at the Ministry of Education in Riyadh, came within the framework of an integrated system for the programs and initiatives of the Saudi Yoga Committee, with the aim of spreading awareness and stimulating its practice as a lifestyle for all segments of society. the society.

The event coincided with the arrival of the first yoga delegation to the Kingdom from the Asian YogaSana Sports Federation in India for the qualification course for the first Saudi batch of yoga referees.

The report stated that the course is hosted by the Ministry of Sports in cooperation with the Saudi Yoga Committee to train Saudi yoga referees in the Kingdom.

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The lecture aims to introduce both yoga and traditional yoga in Saudi universities and to give a variety of options to students on campus to practice yoga, whether for their mental and physical health or taking it to an advanced level and joining professional yoga training. Be a part of competitions locally and internationally.

She also highlighted the system of professional yogasana competitions in college sports and the college league. The lecture motivated youth to join professional and sustainable yoga training.

Nouf Al-Marai, head of the Saudi Yoga Committee, explained that the committee seeks to achieve its vision of spreading yoga on a large scale within the Saudi society, and therefore it took the initiative to cooperate with the Sports Federation of Saudi Universities in order to build a generation. A fan of yoga, especially young people, to enjoy physical and mental health.

She added that the committee seeks to increase the number of practitioners and build yoga teams that participate in local and regional yoga tournaments. The Kingdom excels at the Arab level in yoga, and citizens and residents practice it, and at the same time they teach yoga as a profession.

Al-Maroui talked about the benefits of practicing yoga for young men and women. She said that scientific studies have shown that practicing it improves students’ academic achievement, and has a significant role in reducing stress and anxiety and improving motor development, as yoga enables young people to use their different muscles, and their different types. asanas and attitudes.

Stretching and bending forward and backward bending of the spine, twisting and reversing asanasand balance asanas She added that young people give physical flexibility to be healthy.