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Joel McHale announces 'Society' is finally showing after 7 years

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Image Credit: NBC / Courtesy Everett Collection

social communication Fans got the best news ever. Joel McHale Confirmed on September 30 that a social communication The movie takes place, seven years after the beloved sitcom was discontinued after six seasons. The series’ official Twitter wrote, “Six seasons…” and Joel then tweeted, “AND A MOVIE,” referring to the full “six seasons and the movie” streak said in the show’s early seasons. diverse confirmed that the social communication The movie will be streaming on the peacock.

Joel returns for the movie along with his previous co-stars Danny Body, Alison Brie, Jillian Jacobs, Jim Rush And the Ken Jeongto me diverse. It is unclear whether Yvette Nicole Brown And the Donald Glover They’re back, too, although Joel flagged both of them in his tweet when he announced the big news. originator Dan Harmon He is the executive responsible for producing and writing the film Andrew Guest. Joel is also an executive producer along with Ross Krasnov And the Gary Foster.

Peacock and Sony Pictures TV secured royalties social communication Film after ‘highly competitive’ negotiations, per diverse. The Peacock also obtained non-exclusive rights to all six seasons social communicationCurrently available on both Hulu and Netflix.

'social communication'
The “Community” cast (Image: NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection)

Joel said Hollywood Live Exclusively about probability social communication movie in May 2021, after the cast gather for a virtual table read the year before. “If you had told me a little over a year ago that there was a chance of getting social communication Movie, I’d like, “Yeah, maybe,” but after reading that table, we were like, “Oh, hey, look, we’re all here and we all love each other!” Joel told us. He also said, “To make films, you need – no matter how you cut them – a little money to make them.”

social communication It debuted on NBC in September 2009, ran for six seasons and bid farewell to Yahoo! Screen in 2014 after changing the network. The sitcom followed a group of lovable misfits and their misadventures at a community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado.