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Joy Drop: It's all about community, social issues and sports

mama we made it!

Hi everyone! We’re happy to announce that our lovely online notebook has gotten a lot of attention this week.I wrote an article about joy drop featured in Chatelaine magazine. As part of my personal practice, I wrote about how to write about happiness and hope. Writing this every week is an integral part of my writing.

It’s something I’m looking forward to and something I’m very grateful for. Some people say it’s flirtatious, but if you can put a smile on someone’s face, I think it’s impactful and necessary. Joy is not something to be frivolous, it is what we all need.

I love a good crossover, what could be better than K-pop and men’s basketball? Suga) met Four-time NBA champion Stephen Curry.

Exciting fans around the world, the two stars were excited to exchange gifts.

Last week, my husband and I traveled to Portland, Oregon to give a keynote address at the University of the Pacific. I was able to visit with selected family and dear friends.I am grateful to my friend for inviting me to give a talk. Dr. Jules Boykovtheir work and research influenced my thinking about mega-events and sports.

I had to stay with his partner who I love so much.Community means everything to me and I appreciate being part of a community that focuses on social issues and sports.While in Portland I went Portland Thorns gameand visited sports bra (I wrote last time march). It was great to meet Jenny Nguyen in person and hang out at a place that celebrates women’s sport.

Shireen Ahmed left with Nguyen. (Posted by Mark Strong)

We save the most important ones for last. Today (September 30th) is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This is not a moment of joy, but a moment of respectful observation. We need to thank indigenous communities for sharing and continuing to provide ways in which all individuals can work towards learning about boarding school atrocities and the irreparable harm done to indigenous peoples. there is.

Maggie Wente has created a very helpful thread on different ways to participate and learn.

Remember, September 30th is not just a day to forget. It’s a way to keep yourself grounded, forget what you’ve been taught, re-learn the truth about your country’s history, and always be learning about the hashtags #EveryChildMatters and #OrangeShirtDay.

Just like we care about women outside of February (Black History Month) and March 8th (International Women’s Day), we should always care about people.

Our offices may be closed, but it’s important to remember that reserving space for people’s pain is part of the process we’re tasked with. In an article on CBC Music, boarding schools in canadaAs dire as it is, it’s important to commit to action.

here is the track from a tribe called red (Currently Halsi tribe) featuring Northern Voices, Shad and Leonard Sumner.