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KFS announces its opening on September 29th and highlights the importance of parent and child development

After releasing her book How to Parent with Confidence, Vanessa Kahlon is reinventing child development, one parenting guide at a time. A celebrity family lawyer and founder of Kahlon Family Services School, is planning to involve parents in a tour of her school, classrooms, and facilities as she unveils an open event on September 29th to peek into life at the school and the enrollment process began in 2023 and 2024. Since 2016 she recently obtained a Nominated by the School Accrediting Commission, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), KFS School was initiated with the goal of enhancing social and emotional skills among children while providing individual academics.

The open house will introduce parents to the educational philosophy, staff, motion desks, and flexible seating with child-supported modalities aimed at a flexible learning approach. The event will be an opportunity to navigate through the school’s curriculum, delivery methods, and other traditionally overlooked aspects of child development.

Vanessa is known to approach a child’s growing place with a refreshing, honest and bold approach that guides both children and parents toward a mutual path of understanding, respect and growth. “The goal is to help parents understand their children’s needs and how to address them in a healthy way that leads to the child’s holistic development,” says Kahlon. Combined with the curriculum, her expertise extends teaching around body awareness, self-regulation, social skills, and child independence.

KFS coordinates its mission to address the predicaments of children and families through intensive individualized behavioral training in this rapidly changing world. “Technology, social media and the internet have taken over a large part of children’s growth, thus creating a need for parents to be more active participants in their children’s lives. The school aims to provide a comfortable and familiar environment for parents so that they can connect with parents and other professionals to gain more insights into the development of their children. their children,” Kahlon said.

Her latest book edition also takes a similar approach, taking an in-depth look at the various stages of child development and a long-awaited reminder that parenting is about continuous learning alongside your child. The anecdotes were inspired by her own life experiences as a mother while also being open about the challenges that parents face today and in our time. Comprehensive reading includes over 40 guides with practical advice and examples on topics such as managing opposition, picky people, sleep problems, tantrums, and more. She proves her stability after the success of her first book, shut up dadWhich aims to help parents deal with behavioral issues.

Her work consistently aims to highlight child development strategies which has also earned her multiple features in articles with students at her school and the title of Top 30 Influential Entrepreneurs of 2021 by the Entrepreneur Herald. With the expansion plan, Kahlon is working to apply her yoga teaching experience by working on the Yoga Teaching for Autism Spectrum (YEAS) certification course to address self-regulation in special children.

“The Open House Tour is organized for a great reason. It is important for parents to know the quality of education their children are pursuing. With the increasing reliance on digital devices, it is crucial for parents to recognize the importance of the balanced development of their children.”

About KFS

KFS SCHOOL is a nonprofit organization serving children in San Francisco and the Bay Area Community. Established by Kahlon Family Services LLC in January of 2016, the school enables exceptional Twice (2E) children to immerse themselves in an innovative and individualized education that recognizes each child’s unique strengths, interests and needs. Founder, author and family advocate, Vanessa Kahlon, is also committed to educating parents about their children’s development and providing them with the tools they need to support their children’s social, emotional and academic success.

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