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Let's talk about mental health: organizations and activities ready for the World Mental Health Day event

09/30/2022 – Permalink Related topics: adult welfare / companies / health / partner organizations

Residents across Shropshire are invited to attend a Let’s Talk Mental Health event on Monday 10 October 2022 at Shrewsbury Abbey, in Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury.

The event, from 10am to 2pm, is organized by Shropshire Council Supported Employment Services and will include 25 organizations across Shropshire who will provide support and advice and host a range of activities and workshops for people to try out.

Let's talk about mental health event on October 10 2022 poster

Let’s talk about mental health on October 10, 2022

World Mental Health Day is an annual event promoted globally by the World Health Organization on October 10, and nationally by the Mental Health Foundation. It aims to raise awareness of mental health and address the stigma associated with it.

Organizations participating in the event include:

  • Achievement Group Limited
  • AGE UK Shropshire Telford Wricken
  • Article 4 Health
  • Axis Consulting
  • Bright Star Counter Punch
  • Healthwatch Shropshire
  • Hope Initiatives Grease Monkeys
  • Joint Training, Shropshire Council
  • Life Shed Ltd
  • Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust – College of Wellbeing and Recovery
  • NHS Operation Courage
  • Omega, National End of Life Care Association
  • Pals UK
  • NHS Trust for Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals
  • Shrewsbury Town Foundation
  • Shrewsbury Samaritan
  • Shrewsbury Street Priests
  • Shropshire Mental Health Support (formerly Shropshire Mind)
  • Social Recipes Team for Community Development
  • astronomy
  • Cavalier Center
  • Trident Rich
  • Walking with the wounded
  • We Are With You – Shropshire Redemption Partnership
  • wolf yoga for people with special needs

Shropshire Mental Health Support (formerly Shropshire Mind) will be showcasing the new “wellbeing bus” at the event, and will present stress and mental health awareness in rural community sessions.

Arts 4 Health will offer an arts-based activity to promote mental well-being.

Dan Walsh, the famous UK banjo player, will also perform live music: don’t miss the chance to hear him play in this unique sound-rich environment.

Simon Jones, Cabinet Member of Shropshire Board of Adult Welfare and Public Health said:-

“I am really excited that we are able to host this year’s Let’s Talk Mental Health event in Shrewsbury Abbey.

“This is the first time since the pandemic began that we have now been able to come together to celebrate World Mental Health Day and provide face-to-face advice and information to local people.

The event will also give people the opportunity to sit and contemplate the Pacific Ocean of the 1,000-year-old monastery.

Come find out what’s on offer in your local community. Meet new people, listen to live music, and eat a piece of cake!

“For those who cannot attend the event, we would like to remind people that we have a large selection of mental health resources on our website, to help support people’s mental health and well-being.”

Clive Ireland, Chairman of Shropshire Mental Health Support (MHS):-

Shropshire MHS will provide stress management workshops in its mobile delivery van inside the Abbey car park on October 10, World Mental Health Day.

“A Calmer Cafe will be open to everyone in the ground floor area of ​​the Park House: Please come and see us.

Another table within Abbey will provide information on services intended to reduce the impact of living in a rural county with restricted public transportation.

“All of the workshops support the Shropshire Council’s World Mental Health Day Workshops, which bring together a diverse group of charities, the private and public sector in one place.

“Please help us celebrate World Mental Health Day.”

To find out more and to reserve your place, visit or Just come a day.

We have a wealth of information and resources to support the mental health of children and adults alike. Visit Bee U – Children’s Mental Health and Well-being | Shropshire Council

Mental health and wellness | Shropshire Council.

You can learn more about World Mental Health Day here World Mental Health Day | Mental Health Foundation.

More information

for each organization

  • Achievement Group Limited Providing comfort and housing services for people with mental health, learning disabilities, autism, and more. They provide placements for community members as well as step down services from persons within a hospital environment.
  • AGE UK Shropshire Telford Wricken An independent local charitable organization that works in the local community to help the elderly. The organization provides services and activities for seniors in Shropshire, Telford and Ricken.
  • arts 4 health Passionate about the importance of the arts in healthcare and the difference it can make in patient and staff experiences. Their creative arts activities take place in the suites and include visual arts, crafts, photography, music, dance, drama, creative writing, reading for well-being and poetry
  • Axis Consulting They are a team of qualified, professional independent practitioners who work with survivors of sexual violence. They provide impartial information to help survivors make informed, fully client-led decisions. We provide support in any aspect of their lives they need to help survivors move on with their lives. We will also assist survivors through police investigations and the criminal justice system if they wish to report.
  • Brightstar punch counter Working with vulnerable people of all ages who struggle with their mental health and well-being, through boxing activities and peer support.
  • healthwatch Shropshire They are the champion of health and social care in Shropshire and ensure that NHS leaders and other decision makers listen to patients’ feedback and improve standards of care.
  • Hope Initiatives Grease Monkeys Introducing an evening outreach program that helps NEET youth (not in work, education or training) between 16 to 24, to learn new skills in auto mechanics, and develop confidence and teamwork skills.
  • Joint Training, Shropshire Council Provide training to all organizations working in the field of health and social care, including family caregivers and people using services. The service offers more than 70 courses ranging from dementia to dysphagia, mental health first aid to conflict management, and substance abuse protection.
  • TheLive Shed Ltd. Offers 1:1 mentoring programs for young people who find the school environment challenging. The program provides a place where young people can grow in confidence, independence and self-belief, becoming the best they can be in a truly holistic sense.
  • Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust – College of Wellbeing and Recovery who provide educational courses to support mental and physical health and wellness.
  • NHS Operation Courage Provides support for veterans with mental health issues and looks at contributing factors such as housing and funds that contribute to it. They also offer an advisory role for services that work with veterans.
  • Omega, National End-of-Life Care Association – Omega offers many services to support those over 75 and their caregivers with life-limiting illnesses. One is Chatterbox, a phone friendship service for people over 75, isolated or bereaved.
  • sALZ United Kingdom A group of men and women with various forms of dementia. The group meets every two months with a guest speaker attending.
  • sHarrowsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust Will provide information about participation opportunities from the Public Engagement section, including community membership and volunteering.
  • Shrewsbury Town Foundation Work with communities through sports and physical activity, including referral for exercise.
  • shrewsbury samaritans Provide a 24/7 listening service for people in distress, and provide support to ensure that people at increased risk of suicide are supported.
  • shoresbury street chaplain – Volunteers patrol the streets of Shrewsbury on Saturdays, with some Friday nights, between 10:30pm-4am to identify and support vulnerable people, particularly near the River Severn. They work in conjunction with the door staff of bars and clubs and the local police.
  • sMental Health Support in Herropshire (formerly Shropshire Mind) Providing a variety of high-quality services across the county to one in four people and their families who have been recognized as having a mental or emotional disorder.
  • Social Recipes Team for Community Development A social prescribing service that enables doctors, nurses, and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local non-clinical services to support their health and well-being.
  • astronomy Shrewsbury Ark provides ongoing support and day center facilities to the homeless and vulnerable in our community.
  • Cavalier Center – This is a fully accessible equestrian facility located outside Much Wenlock. The center offers comprehensive equine-based activities such as horseback riding, carriage driving, jumping (gymnastics on horseback), equine therapy (physiotherapy on horseback) and horse grooming. It also has a range of other programs and activities that help people develop life skills, emotional intelligence and well-being.
  • TRadnet Rich Supporting vulnerable adults with various psychological problems, this can be in the community.
  • Wwith the wounded Walking with the Wounded (WWTW) is a leading military charity that recognizes that those who have served, deserve it. We do four things: employment, mental health, care coordination, and volunteer work that save jobs, homes, relationships, and lives for veterans struggling since leaving the military. Walking with the wounded keeps those who served – and their families – on their feet again.
  • WDo you have – Shropshire Redemption Partnership Offers free, confidential support about alcohol, drugs, or mental health. The team supports individuals with psychosocial, pharmacological, and holistic interventions aimed at reducing drug use (even abstinence) and maintaining a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.
  • wolf yoga for people with special needs Offering 1:1 and small group yoga sessions tailored to individual needs.