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Mike Ditka sports memorabilia up for auction

Grabowski is the best!

Snead hears the legendary coach Mike DitkaThe ultimate “man’s hideout” is now available on the auction block!

Go… Go… Go Bears!

See more than 500 sports memorabilia curated and curated by da coach from the walls of Gold Coast Ditka’s restaurant, the namesake of Ditka, which closed in 2020.

Grub Hub Restaurant has been a home away from home for 82-year-old Ditka and his wife. Diana.

“It’s been our living room, our dining room, our meeting room for families, charities and businesses for decades,” said Diana Ditka… from a nearby home.

“We miss it terribly,” she said.

Signed painting by Mike Ditka, formerly on display at Ditka’s Restaurant

When the eatery pushed the no-smoking button in 2020 via a Facebook post, Ditka told Snead at the time: It’s over and that’s good.

It was a cache of Ditka memorabilia, the history of his incredible football career that adorned the walls and meandered down the stairwell, and was kept until this year when the Ditka family decided to auction most of it to fans. was

“The family felt it was time to let go,” he said. Stacey Ditka, daughter-in-law who runs, a children’s clothing line inspired by Coach. “Our baby ditka her onesie is so popular,” she laughed.

“We all loved Ditka, but when it closed, the Ditka memories piled up on the walls of the restaurant were taken away,” she added.

“The family kept something dear to their hearts, and decided to give others the opportunity to add to their collection through an auction.”

Mike Ditka's jersey and famous coaching sweater on display in Ditka's restaurant.

Mike Ditka’s jersey and famous coaching sweater on display in Ditka’s restaurant.

Offer/Hindman Auction

Now released by the Ditka family. Over 500 sports-related restaurant items were assembled by the auction house into 185 lots. “85” is used as a hymn to the Bears’ Super Bowl victory in New Orleans in 1985.

• The most expensive item in the collection is worth between $30,000 and $50,000 in Lot 41 and is billed as “an exceptional piece of Chicago history.” Ditka’s Bears his jersey and blue sweater are framed giant after his famous retirement of his No. 89. Post-game ceremony between the Bears and the Cowboys at Soldier Field on December 9, 2013.

(Historical note: Ditka, the first tight end to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was the last Bear to retire his number.)

•Other side: On the other side of the quote list is a group of baseball bats gifted to Ditka by his hero, the legend of Cardinal St. Louis. stan the man musical — who signed it — is currently estimated at $200 to $300.

And don’t forget, Ditka’s Super Bowl XX game ball is also on the block.

So how does the coach feel about longing for his collection? “All is well,” Ditka tweeted. Hey, we’re all just here for a while. I kept what I wanted. ”

What is the most treasured memento that Ditka still owns?

“It’s probably a picture with me Walter Paytonsaid Ditka. “He was the best football player I have ever seen. He was relentless.”

Coach: “Chicago is the home of the Bears”

Ditka is still against the Bears’ attempt to move the franchise from Soldier Field to Arlington Heights.

He tells Snead: Chicago is the home of the Bears. their home.

“I believe in loyalty and I don’t think they think of loyalty to the city,” Ditka complained. “But I don’t care about it. Or I do.”

Will he go to the Bears game in Arlington Heights?

“Well, if they play in LA, I’ll probably go,” laughed Ditka.

Mike Ditka's 1961 Marlboro Awards NFL Rookie of the Year Trophy

Mike Ditka’s 1961 Marlboro Awards NFL Rookie of the Year Trophy

Couple’s Florida home escapes storm

Ditka and his wife are currently at their Gold Coast perch, hoping to quickly return to another home in hurricane-hit Naples, Florida. Although he can no longer participate in sports.

“Oh, they said our house was fine,” said Diana. “When we built the house 20 years ago, we made sure it was built pretty solid,” she added.

The coach then added: I’ll be here until you’re gone All fine. ”

But wait! Coach Ditka still has his say about the one thing he would miss, not the auction.

“It’s our signature Ditka dish,” he laughs. “It was the best pork chop ever!”

As they say in the auction business: “SOLD!


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