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Music education expert for children Ms. Emily Baum reveals the benefits of learning to play music at any age on Influencer Radio

Music Education for Children Ms. Emily Bohm was a featured guest on Radio Influencers with Jack Mays.

As if the fun of trying music wasn’t enough, the benefits of learning to play music at an early age have been shown to boost brain development, language and math skills, and develop memory, attention and focus while enhancing discipline and self. Confidence and social skills.

But the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument are not limited to children. It has also been shown to have a positive effect on adults… brain function, stress relief, increased blood flow, and an overall sense of accomplishment.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, music education expert for children Miss Emily Baum discussed how she helps children ages 4-104 enrich their lives by learning to play the piano.

As a former elementary school teacher, Miss Emily specializes in educating beginners. She breaks the old stereotype of piano lessons being a chore with her own educational techniques including Musical Storytime for young children as well as using music as a therapy and tool for mental and physical fitness.

During the interview, Miss Emily shared a concept she aptly calls yoga for the mind, saying, “I use the term ‘yoga for the mind’ because when we do yoga, especially in my studio here in Hermosa Beach, a great studio, SoHo Yoga, in a warm space, we can focus Just the asanas that we do in our breath. And that takes you to a space of expansion and a place where you kind of block out all the other things that happen in your world and focus on yoga, your breath, postures. And the same thing happens on the piano. It’s kind of a space where you focus on reading Music, feeling music, playing music, singing music, absorbing all the benefits of that, and the result is joy, and the result is happiness and a sense of uplift.So when I say therapy, I mean that sometimes people have a rough day they come in, and they have a piano lesson, And they leave with a smile on their faces.This is really important in today’s times where life gets really stressful.For two years there, we’ve been doing FaceTime piano lessons and couldn’t even come to the studio because of the pandemic, unfortunately.But fortunately, FaceTime sessions and Zoom has been a huge success with my clients. I have also created some online remote programs so that I can teach people all over the world.”

Miss Emily enjoys inspiring students with special needs and engaging them in musical activities as part of their therapy. Also a fan of fitness and wellness, Emily coaches young people and adults in healthy habits.

Its studio environment is a fun and quiet place just one street from the beach. From Steinway Pianos to Kohler and Campbell menus and an array of magic keyboards, it’s a fun and magical place to compose music and have a relaxing educational music experience every week.

Listening to this episode, it is easy to understand how Miss Emily touched the lives of many students, creating GRIT and building self-confidence to face life’s challenges.

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