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No one is betting on the Seahawks and should be considered

Do you like the Seattle Seahawks on Monday nights? Of course you don’t. nobody does.

As of Sunday morning, 89% of bets and 91% of spreads for Monday night’s game were on the Denver Broncos. They are huge numbers. This is a big reason the spread moved from Denver’s -4.5 when the Broncos opened in his 6.5 favor at BetMGM.

At times like this, being on the island may bring you good luck.

It may be hard to stand in Seattle’s favor, but all the bets on the Broncos may have opened up an opportunity to catch the ugly dog. Seattle crowds will be thrilled for the first game of the season. Everyone gets a little pumped up to play on Monday night. Whatever Seattle’s top level looks like this season, we’ll probably see it on Monday night. The fact that the Broncos didn’t play a starter in the preseason and Nathaniel Hackett became the new coach may also be in Seattle’s favor. Denver could get off to a slow start.

Nobody likes the Seahawks this season. The main reason was that Wilson was gone and Seattle didn’t do much in his place. But Jeno Smith paid for Wilson with an injury last season. He still has talent around him like DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and Rashaad Penny.

The Seahawks have been in really bad shape this season and the Broncos could roll them. That’s the risk of taking a big underdog. However, the sportsbook always wins, sometimes playing against your favorite players who have more than 90% of the winnings.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Genno Smith leads his team into the opening game against the Broncos on Monday night. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

Here’s a first look at Monday’s sports betting slate:

MNF props?

It’s a pretty light sporting day elsewhere, so you might as well get some extra action in the Broncos vs. Seahawks. The Broncos are a little vague about their plans in the backfield, but I don’t think Melvin Gordon III said the team plans to have Williams as a featured back just for comedy. There is also the potential to take the lead and then run a lot. Williams gaining 57.5+ rushing yards also seems fine, but the safer bet is if he achieves 14 carries. I think you should.

He also stole Broncos tight end Albert Okwegbnam for 28.5 yards. He was a popular breakout pick for him, but everyone was scared when he played in the preseason when the Broncos starters were sitting. I still believe Okwegbunam is going to have a great season, and 29 yards is a fair amount to ask for.

MLB has 9 games

Several MLB teams took the day off on Monday, but there are still five games left, including an afternoon slant between the Texas Rangers and the Miami Marlins. It’s not going to draw a lot of bets, but it’s intraday action.

The best game of the day was the Tampa Bay Rays at the Toronto Blue Jays. Both are easily in his AL wildcard spots, but the Rays have a chance at catching the New York Yankees in the AL East. Everyone watches the NFL anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

What’s the best bet?

Let’s go with the Seahawks. This is the kind of pick that looks pretty ridiculous by the end of the first quarter, but these are the types of NFL bets that often win.