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Painful Prayers | Sports Daily Newsletter

Images of football equipment lying on the lawn — evidence at the crime scene after shootings at a Roxborough High School soccer practice game that killed one boy and injured four other teenagers — It was fresh on the mind of Sixers coach Doc Rivers on Wednesday.

“I mean, it’s amazing what’s happening in Philadelphia, and what’s happening with guns everywhere,” Rivers said after practice.

Rivers wasn’t the only prominent Philadelphia athlete to speak out in the aftermath of the incident. leaders spoke out on social media and in interviews.

“Very sad,” Hertz said. “Kids are doing what they want in a place where they should be safe. So we say ‘follow your dreams’. They’re outside playing soccer and they can’t go home. Very I’m sorry, I’m praying for my family, I’m praying for change.”

— Maria McIlwain, Inquirer Sports Staff, @phillysport,

Jaguars coach Doug Pederson told Eagles reporters Wednesday about his return to the Lincoln Financial Field and hopes to receive a warm reception from fans.

“I remember when I was with the Chiefs. [with Andy Reid] Pederson, who was Kansas City’s offensive coordinator at the time, said. “Hopefully it’s in that realm. But hey, this is Philadelphia, and with this fan, anything is possible.”

Of course, the Eagles are looking to beat former Super Bowl winning coach Trevor Lawrence. They expect Herson Reddick to put pressure on the Jaguars quarterback. It’s worth it.

Meanwhile, AJ Brown missed Wednesday’s practice for personal reasons and Darius Slay did not participate due to back problems. However, two of his players behind the Batman cape (Purchasing Brown and Nicknamed Slay) have expressed interest in Lineman joining the action.

Next: Eagles host Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday at 1pm (CBS3)

The Inquirer Eagles beat out reporters EJ Smith and Josh Tolentino to preview the team’s Week 4 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Doug Pederson on Sunday at 11:30 am.

A missed opportunity and a four-run run in the fifth by the Cubs gave the Phillies another loss on Wednesday.

Hurricane Ian could push the Phillies and Nationals forward Saturday’s doubleheader to Friday.

Next: The Phillies finish the series in Chicago at 2:20 p.m. NBCSP on Thursday. Ranger Suarez (10-5, 3.38 ERA) will face Cubs right-hander Javier Assad (1-2, 4.28 ERA).

Tyrese Maxey made a big leap in his second season with the 76ers, becoming a fan favorite as he averaged 17.5 points and 4.3 assists per game. At his camp in team training, Doc said Rivers his coach noticed Maxxie feeling more confident. “This year he knows who he is,” said Rivers. “Now he has to keep improving his basketball.”

Maxxie became known for his work ethic, and his offseason training followed that pattern. “He’s more than we asked for.”

The Sixers finished their second day of camp at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, a city in the path of Hurricane Ian. For now, the Sixers plan to stay in place.

The Flyers released another injury update on Wednesday, and it wasn’t bad news for the first time in a long time.

GM Chuck Fletcher has revealed that Sean Couturier won’t need to undergo a second surgery on his back, but the 29-year-old is recovering “every week.” , missed the final 53 games of last season with a back injury, and underwent back surgery in February.

The second period struggle appears to be continuing this season as the Flyers dropped a preseason game to the Washington Capitals.

The Inquirer’s football contributor is back with a look at the US Men’s National Team, even though the current view isn’t pretty. Frankly, it would be frustrating if the team chose not to bring him one of the best options in the striker position as he has not scored a single goal in his two games. is.

Still, the absence probably makes the hearts warmer, as Jonathan Tannenwald, Gustav Elvin and Andrea Canales make the final World Cup roster picks.

We asked you: Do you like the idea of ​​Devonta Smith returning a punt to the Eagles?

in your answer:

Devonta returning a punt is a bad idea. In his NFL in recent years, the percentage of punts that lead to TD returns has hovered below 0.5%, not less than 1 in 200. 1 percent chance every time he’s on the field for a comeback. Worth a look until you consider that on every punt some guy runs full speed his 40 yards, smashes his Batman skinny and is ready to take him out for more than a few games It may sound like there is

His relatively low chances of breaking big returns are all games and Over a dozen TDs throughout the season. — Greg B.

Over the past decade, punters have gotten better at getting their punts where they want them. It has become more sophisticated. If the Eagles know their opponent has to punt and they have the ability to return, why not have DeVonta return the punt? Today’s game shows punters kicking the ball longer and you have to remember that often the ball is kicking as close to his line of goal as possible given the opportunity. If these short-distance punts occur, there’s no need to put DeVonta in because the chances of a return are slim. If your opponent is punting from his 30 or more of their own, you should consider putting Devonta where you have plenty of space. — Larry D.

Punt returns appear to be more than a few yards away. Devonta’s speed rarely breaks at 3-5 yards, so why risk Devonta? Covey (his one of the best returners of his college career) should be back. Maybe he can get a good mile. But is a great receiver in danger of being attacked by a man weighing hundreds of pounds? Sounds like the wrong choice to me. — Alan S.

The only mistake the Eagles made in the offseason was not keeping Devon Allen for exactly this purpose. — Joe G.

Returning a punt with DeVonta Smith is not a good idea. Field position after getting a punt is probably slightly better, but the benefit is small compared to the risk. Much of the offensive improvement came from Smith wideout and he paired with AJ Brown. Having both on the field more than doubles the impact, as the defense must consider two exceptional receivers for each down. Along with the pair, Keth his Watkins and Dallas Goudart put a lot of stress on the opponent’s ability to guard the pass, increasing the chances of big plays on every down. The benefits go beyond the simple distance any of them get. And this unit helped drive Jalen Hurts’ transformation into one of the more dangerous QBs in the NFL, as other teams have to prioritize pass defense at the expense of run-stopping. Running games also benefit because they don’t. We have been watching this unfold for him for three weeks. That tiny punt return gain doesn’t warrant the risk of upending the high-octane offense created by the Eagles. — Jay W.

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