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It’s not over yet, but the fact that the Phillies are in serious danger of missing out on the playoffs speaks to how epic their struggle has been. It’s disappointing to lose to the Cubs every game this season. It’s bad if you have to expect your rivals to lose. Like the Great Collapse of 1964, it is not a good idea to compare favorably only to worse situations.

For fans and the Phillies themselves, experiencing the familiar sinking September vibes together can’t be too painful. Sadly, the slump has been very exhausting, and if the team does eventually make it to the postseason, it’s unlikely that supporters and players will have the energy left to celebrate and compete viably.

David Murphy breaks down exactly how bad it got, and how the Phillies were able to blow their last chance at the playoffs.

— Andrea Canales, Inquirer Sports Staff, @phillysport,

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As for that Phillies playoff push… it’s on the ropes after an ugly three-game sweep by the Cubs. It gets even uglier considering the Phillies lost all six games this season to the Cubs, who put him 20 games away from No. 1. The Phillies, who have lost 10 of their last 13 games, will have to face a sluggish Nationals this weekend.

Next: The Phillies start a four-game series in Washington on Friday (NBCSP) with a doubleheader. Bailey Falter (5-4, 4.21) will start in Game 1 (1:05pm) and Noah Syndergaard (9-10, 4.12) will join Game 2 (7:05pm).

In 2018, Valerie Camilo became the first woman hired as president in the NHL when she joined the Flyers.

She was the only woman in the “room” for a period of time, but four years later, things began to change as more and more women were recruited to leadership positions within the league. We spoke with Camillo about being the first and how we’ve been helping pay for the next generation of women in the game.

Ask Jalen Hurts’ teammates how the offense changed in their second year as a quarterback as a starter. Attacks can become more dynamic as Hearts gains a deeper understanding of the scheme. Beat his writer EJ Smith explains why Hearts’ comfort level allows the offense to thrive.

The Eagles’ schedule is geared towards success, but the team will also be working on control and elimination of opponents in the second half. The team that columnist Marcus Hayes believes is so good still has a lot to achieve.

how good is it Check out the latest game predictions from writer Beat, who knows the Eagles team better than anyone.

Not long ago, Tobias Harris was considered part of the 76ers’ Big 3, the most important player to the team’s success. Most people now see the Big 3 as Joel Embiid, James Harden and Tyrese Maxsey. So where does Harris go?

Forward says he doesn’t mind the nomination. Harris told Keith Pompey that he is focused on team play and winning. “The better we play as one unit, the better everyone will play on this court,” he said.

Sixers coach Doc Rivers spoke candidly with Harden about the team’s “spirit” after Thursday’s practice, and a live mic picked up the conversation.

Rivers said he expects more from Harden and Embiid in the pick and roll.

The Sixers’ infusion of offseason talent could mean a new role for Paul Reid, who has been playing power forward in camp.

At training camp in Charleston, South Carolina, Rivers and the Sixers visited the Old Slave Mart Museum. The museum is believed to be the last slave auction facility in South Carolina.

The Union Army could take over the Eastern Conference with a victory over Charlotte, and Jonathan Tannenwald chose them to do just that.

However, no matter how well they play, it’s going to be a little ugly because the weather is forced to change.

Not only do the Unions move to arrive early, they also have to fight the soccer line on the field. The game is also a send-off for announcer JP Dellacamera, one of his greatest regulars in the Union.

Next: Union play Charlotte FC on Saturday at 5:30pm (ESPN+)

Fans who don’t want DeVonta Smith returning the punt are still not talking about it.


The petite build was thinking the same thing. Did no one notice Coby being beaten?

Why not use the second string like [Gainwell]?— Frank S.

The Inquirer Eagles beat reporters EJ Smith and Josh Tolentino to preview the team’s Week 4 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Doug Pederson on Sunday at 11:30 am.

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