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Prime Minister Modi inaugurates Amrit Sidi Yoga in Ujjain. The chosen day is Tuesday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Mahakal Pass in Amrit Sidi Yoga. On Tuesday, October 11th, at 6.30pm, a special yoga is formed due to Ashwini Nakshatra. It is considered particularly fruitful. Earlier, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Kashi Vishwanath corridor at UP in Revati Nakshatra. He also performed the Bhoomipujan of Ram Temple at Ayodhya at Abhijit Muhurta. According to religious texts, Lord Rama was born in this Muhurta.

Let’s know the importance of Amrit yoga sir.

According to astrologer Anand Shankar Vyas, Ujjain is the center of origin of the planet Mars. Mahakaleshwar is the lord of the land. In such a situation, the worship held on Tuesday will be more beneficial. PM Modi will be in Ujjain for approximately 3 hours on October 11th. This yoga is specially formed from a mixture of Nakshatra and Vaar. This yoga is useful to complete the work successfully. Manglik and new tasks performed in this yoga have been completed successfully.

The auspicious action doesn’t happen on Mars, but it doesn’t at Eugene
According to astrologers, auspicious work is not usually done on Tuesday, but Ujjain is the birthplace of Mars. In such a situation, everything bodes well here. Mars meeting together is something special. The teacher will be fine at 6.30pm. Guru is the house of truth and justice Karaka, so it has special significance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the cornerstone for the construction of Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya on 5th August 2020 at 12:44 AM.  Abhijit Muhurta's ghost was only 32 seconds long.  Before that, 9 stones of 31 years old were worshiped.  Silver bricks were also worshiped.

CM Shivraj himself is watching the preparations
Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan reviewed the preparations for the program through video conferences on Sunday. The Prime Minister said that upon Prime Minister Modi’s arrival, necessary arrangements should be made at the designated places to visit the various places he will visit.

PM Modi will arrive in Ujjain at 6 PM
After landing in Indore, PM Modi will arrive in Ujjain by helicopter. From here they will reach Mahakal Temple at 6 pm. After visiting the temple, Mahkal will arrive at the Nandi Pass Gate at 6.30 am. Here they will worship and worship Mahakal Road with an electric car. Next, Karthik will address the gathering at the fairgrounds. The Prime Minister’s meeting can continue until 8 am. Since there is no facility to take off helicopters from Ujjain at night, PM will reach Indore by road. From here we will fly to Delhi.

6 days like Diwali in the city of Mahkal
Arrangements are also being made to broadcast the launch program across the state. Also joining the program are Tadvi, Patel, Pujara and other priests of the tribal community performing religious rituals. Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has given instructions regarding their invitation. The 6-day programs will start with Lord Mahakal’s Journey. Activities have been scheduled to run from October 6 to 11. During the review meeting, Department Commissioner Sandeep Yadav, Collector Ashish Singh, Municipal Commissioner Anshul Gupta, Smart City CEO Ashish Pathak and UDA CEO Sandeep Soni were present in the NIC room in Ujjain.

The country's first night park was also built at the Mahakal Pass in Ujjain.  Every family in the city will be invited to open a simulated lane.

Yellow rice will call door to door in Ujjain
On the occasion of the project launch, grand temples will be decorated in all districts of the state including Ujjain. The Prime Minister directed that the opening of the Mahakal Pass is a matter of sanctification. In this, a letter of invitation will be sent to every family in the city. There will be lights in all homes and shops. There will be special decoration at intersections and major roads. Rangoli will also be made in important places.

Now learn about the Mahakal Corridor project…

The works of Phase 1 of Mahakal Expansion Project of Rs 793 crore have almost been given the final touch. This includes the development of Mahakal Path, Mahakal Vatika, the banks of the Rudrasagar Pond. The project will change the image in two ways. Firstly – Darshan will be easy. Secondly, people will also be able to do religious tourism along with darshan. The campus will have all facilities ranging from walking, housing and rest. Collector Ashish Singh said that by September 30, all Phase One work had been completed. After that, the area of ​​​​the temple will be 47 hectares.

Now get to know the Mahkal Temple…
According to legend, Mahkal seemed to protect humans from a demon called Dushan. After killing the demon, Baba sat here in the image of Giotrlinga at the request of the devotees. Subsequently, the temple was built by Ranajirao Shinde in 1736. One of the 12 Jyotirlingas, Shiva preserved in Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain in the form of Dakshin Mukhi Jyotirlinga. The temple consists of 3 parts, in the lower part there is Jyotirlinga in the sanctuary. Mata Parvati, Ganesh and Kritiya are seated here with Lord Shiva. The Omkareshwar temple is located in the middle of the Nagchandreshwar temple at the top. Mahakal is the only temple where cremation takes place.

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The Mahakal complex, expanding from two hectares to 20 hectares in Madhya Pradesh, will be four times larger than the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor (5 hectares) in Uttar Pradesh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the first phase of the Mahakal Corridor on October 11. This will be Prime Minister Modi’s second visit to Madhya Pradesh in a month. Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan provided this information during his stay in Ujjain on Monday.

The chaos in 12,000 homes brought the pond to life

Eight months later during the Mahakal Project, another big picture of change emerged in Ujjain. Here the Rudrasagar pond adjacent to the Mahakal Path flourished. Eight months ago, there were so many lilies here that it was hard to find water. To clean the pond, 40 people worked day and night to remove the Nile rose for a month and a half. For the first time after the 2016 Simhastha, the focus was on this blessing. click here

Oxygen plant will be set up in Rudra Sagar
The most difficult task of the Mahakal Pass was to clean the Rudra Sagar. To achieve this, the sewage line meeting in Rudrasagar was dismantled. A line was attached to the Chebra River to ensure year-round water availability. Fountains are also installed alongside the surrounding structure, so that the water continues to circulate. click here

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Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Ujjain: CM said – Mahakal Road from Harsiddhi Temple will now be known as Sant Satyamitranand ji