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Sports Brief | Humboldt Soccer Eliminates Sonoma – Times Standard

Humboldt Soccer Team Falls to Sonoma State University

Last weekend was another tough break for the always competitive Lumberjack men’s soccer team. After he drew 0-0 with San Francisco State on Friday, the ‘Jacks traveled to Sonoma on Sunday to face the Seawolves. A capable conference foe, Sonoma State proved challenging and took the lead on a penalty kick in the 76th minute to win 2-1.

Instead of the Lumberjacks losing 1-3-5, it was Humboldt’s chance to get ahead of two high profile games at home. This odd record does not justify the fact that Humboldt has been competitive in every match, with only one goal in his two of his three losses. A series of tight games and tough breaks will surely wear the Jax, but they have a chance to turn their season around if they can get a win over Cal State Los Angeles, the No. 1 team in the country. On Friday.

For the women’s team, Humboldt played unusually poorly against Sonoma State on Sunday. Ranked as her 22nd best team in the nation, the Seawolves will certainly be a challenge for the youthful Lumberjacks. Like the men’s team, the women’s team is also tied 0-0 with San Francisco State University.

The situation quickly got out of hand as the Seawolves scored two goals in the first ten minutes to win 5–0. Before Sunday, Humboldt’s two losses were both by just one goal. With a 3-3-2 record, ‘Jacks is still in the middle of his schedule in the conference and has a chance to bounce back at home on Friday.

The Humboldt Triathlon competes for the best in the second event

After an impressive run in the inaugural event two weeks ago, Cal Poli Humboldt experienced the highest level of collegiate triathlon competition in Colorado on Saturday. As the new NCAA sports became more organized, a hierarchy was created between some large colleges and smaller colleges competing in the same events.

This weekend’s Oktoberfest Sprint proved to be a strong Division I program. Arizona State finished victorious by taking his 5th place out of the top 10. Representatives from other top-level programs such as Denver, San Francisco and South Dakota filled the rest of the leaderboard. At the Division II level, Black Hills State led the way, followed by Cal Poly Humboldt, followed by Montana State Billings.

This second event was the exact opposite of the strong first show, as Humboldt continues to navigate an entirely new sport in his first season. But exposure to top-level competition should help the Lumberjacks in the long run. The team will have him three weeks training and preparing for the West Region National Qualifier on October 15 in Missouri.

St. Bernard’s back in decisive victory against Arcata

After losing an understaffed team to crosstown rival Eureka, the Crusaders got back on track with a 34-6 victory over the Tigers on Saturday. Senior Grant Omey led the way with two touchdowns and another reception on the ground as the St. Bernards scored a decisive win at Arcata. The Crusaders wouldn’t give it up as they took his 34–0 lead at halftime, taking his second win of the season.

The St. Bernards, who currently have a .500 record, are looking to build momentum heading into league play, so they have some interesting road matchups on the horizon. They will face Oakland Tech on Friday at 7pm, followed by Guymon High School in Oklahoma. The St. Bernards then rematch St. Vincent de Paul in Petaluma, while the Crusaders seek revenge for their season-opening loss to the Mustangs.

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