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Stephen A Smith speaking on Know Mercy podcast with Klein/Ally

It may sound like ESPN’s sports broadcaster and ‘Meme King’ Stephen A. Smith It was around every corner SNL impressions, to appear in soap operas – but there is one place he has not yet ventured into the podcast space. Joined Klein / Ally Shaw This morning to talk about his new project with Cadence13, Learn about Mercy with Stephen A. Smithdelves deeper into his views on politics and current events – and straight into more active issues like hot yoga and pickle.

listen now: Klein / Ally Show: The Podcast: Stephen Smith loves hot yoga, hates Pickle Ball

Klein called while driving himself to work, wondering if Stephen A. He’ll get used to listening to his new project while sitting in traffic. “I’ll definitely listen to every podcast before I publish it, and let you know. I’m excited about it because it’s proprietary, you know I’m in complete control of it – 100% control of the content, 100% ownership. I work alongside Aucacy and Cadence13, but it’s a big deal For me because I’ve always wanted to spread my wings and expand beyond the standards of sports. I know sports, I’ve accomplished a lot in sports, but there’s more I want to talk about.”

Learn about Mercy with Stephen A.  Smith

Learn about Mercy with Stephen A. Smith

Image copyright Stephen A. Smith, Audacy and Cadence13

listen now: Learn about Mercy with Stephen A. Smith

Klein was already known for his intense style and provocative analysis, and he wondered if fans should expect him to ditch any section of the podcast. “Yeah, but I’m pretty close to doing it anyway,” he says. “I say ‘fuck’ and ‘hell’, but sometimes I’ll go a little further. But I’m not a guy who rambles on curses and all that stuff. It’s not structured, it’s not planned. I speak from the heart. A lot of the times when I’m More than the regular FCC airwaves, I have to watch what I’m going to say because I tend to throw an F-bomb from time to time with some nonsense I hear, but nonetheless you have to protect yourself. It won’t be all the time.”

With Stephen A’s intensity evident in the way he had this conversation while navigating traffic, Ali also wondered if he’d offer any tips for relaxing the show. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to,” he says, although Bikram yoga was an experience he says he’s enjoyed in the past. And he adds, “And I want to try Pilates… Listen, I’m skinny but damn I have a small stomach that I want to get rid of too.” “I want to get me a six-pack, I want to get myself in better shape.”

Klein, sneaks a math question towards the end, although Learn about mercy The podcast won’t focus on this, it just opened up the topic of Pickleball, much to the chagrin of every Pickleballer – including his friend and early investor LeBron James. “I never cared for him, I never saw him. I heard about him because of LeBron, but I never cared about him and I’m not about to do it.” Well, does that mean he will refuse to cover it? “Hell, yeah,” Stephen A says without losing his breath.

Hear the full interview with Klein & Ally and Stephen A. Smith above, and follow the Klein/Ally Show: The Podcast for more.

Knows Stephen A. Mercy Smith…when justified. In Know Mercy, Stephen A. His direct view beyond the world of sports, breaking down barriers and pulling the curtain on politics, entertainment and business. Three times a week, you’ll hear his unfiltered opinions on front page news and relevant cultural events, as well as interviews with outspoken celebrities and thought leaders across the community arena. You are guaranteed to be entertained, informed and motivated. And one thing will be clear: you don’t need to know sports to know mercy. Learn about Mercy with Stephen A. Smith It is a presentation by Cadence13, the studio of Audacy.

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