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The 10 Best Movies Picked by David Cronenberg (And What They Look Like)

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In the past few decades, no other director has been able to make us crawl David CronenbergAs one of the pioneers of ‘body horror’, Cronenberg not only created haunting visuals, but he also asked audiences key questions about humanity and authoritarianism in movies like: Hina When videodromeNeedless to say, he was one of the few horror directors who managed to evolve into other genres, wasting a decade-long career on a needless sequel that undermines the dignity and artistry of his original work. There was noGiven the critical success of his recent return to science fiction crime of the futurenow is the perfect time to revisit this unique director and his favorite films around the world.

The following list has compiled 10 of the best movies recommended by directors over the years. Read on for a peek at the best movies that caught the eye of a truly visionary filmmaker.

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This movie introduced that genius to the world. Federico Fellini As such, it had a huge impact on Cronenberg, who described the film as “the beginning of my obsession with filmmaking.” La Strada Follow Gelsomina (Giulietta Masina), a naive young woman (Anthony Quinn). After spending years with this abusive and emotionally closed man, Gelsomina slowly becomes a shell of her former self. Unlike many of Fellini’s other signature films, it lacks much of the filmmaker’s humor and satire pointing out the absurdities of the modern world. This is a beautifully tragic story about the fall of a kind soul, so it’s no wonder Cronenberg reacts to it.

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Time for Wolves (1968)

Any respected filmmaker Ingmar Bergman A movie on my list of favorite movies. It’s even clearer that the respected horror filmmaker has to include Bergman’s only horror film. wolf timeCronenberg said, “Beautiful movie. Quite a nightmare. Starring Bergman Staples Max von Sydow When Liv Ullman, this disturbing classic tells the story of an artist haunted by nightmares from his past.The film proved that horror films need not be relegated to pulp status and can tell interesting stories with depth.Cronenberg’s legacy continues to directly influence his films. Fly.

can stream wolf time on the criteria channel.

And God Created a Woman (1956)

For many younger generations, Cronenberg’s work was a kind of “forbidden fruit”. crash We’ve seen very limited releases due to their controversial subject matter. For young David Cronenberg, Brigitte Bardotthe French New Wave star that he is “totally in love with” was equally unattainable and captivating as her films were only shown to adults in Toronto. went to New York and didn’t stop seeing things like Bardot’s classics and God created a woman. directed by Roger Vadim, the film follows Juliette Hardy (Bardot) as she teases and angers every man within a five-mile radius. Outwardly, it doesn’t look like a Cronenberg movie, but it opened the door to what could be on screen and allowed artists like him to succeed.

can stream and God created a woman On HBO Max, The Criterion Channel, The Roku Channel and Plex.

Rosetta (1999)

When Cronenberg headed the jury in 1999 cannes film festivalhe had to decide between films by established and well-known directors Pedro Almodovar, Jim JarmuschWhen David LynchHowever, since they were two brothers, jean pierre When Luc Dardenneprovoked “the fastest Palme d’Or vote in Cannes history” in Cronenberg’s words.

Rosetta Follows the stressful life of an impulsive girl who lives with her alcoholic mother. Cronenberg gave these now-important and beloved directors their first major international film award, sending the message that filmmaking doesn’t need special effects, plot twists, or even actors to make a touching and heartbreaking story. sent to the person.

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Another Cannes classic, this love story can only be described as a masterpiece. blue is the warmest color Follow Adele (Adele Exarchopoulos) A young French high school student embarks on a sexual awakening after meeting and falling in love with Emma (Lea Seydoux).It’s easy to see why Cronenberg ultimately cast Sedu future crime. Of Seydoux, Cronenberg describes her as a “great actress” with “such emotional power” that surprises in this “beautiful, sexy, interesting, intense film”. This movie is not for the faint of heart, but it brings a kindness and empathy that will overwhelm you.

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Another member of crime of the future cast, Kristen Stewartwhich was one of the films that convinced Cronenberg to hire her. personal shopper, From acclaimed French director Olivier Assayas, follows a Parisian personal shopper whose twin brother recently died of heart disease. Rather than leave the city and job she has no true attachment to, she stays so that if her brother dies before her, she can fulfill her promise to try to make contact with his spirit. is a tale of the supernatural like no other, with the help of the incomparable Kristen Stewart for a haunting, intimate and deeply compelling performance.

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La Hein (1995)

La Hein It may have been shot in black and white, but there is nothing old-fashioned or conservative. It follows the lives of three young friends who live there 24 hours a day.What this film brought to French society do the right thing I did it for America. A stylistic portrait of his desolate and stressful day gives us a detailed portrait of the anger, hatred and misery that is brewed when you are killed by those who are supposed to protect you. In addition to its political significance, the film also has personal significance for Cronenberg. Vincent Casselhe has worked on several films.

can stream La Hein on the criteria channel.

Raw (2016)

Many reports of Cronenberg crash To Julia Ducournauof titanethe director was also an outspoken fan of her previous film Rawwhich convinced him that Ducournau was “a really strong talent”. Raw It centers around Justin, a young vegetarian woman who enters veterinary school, tries meat for the first time and soon begins to experience more dangerous and exotic cravings. It’s too early to judge by just her two films, but Du Cournot increasingly looks like the heir to Cronenberg’s legacy, and with her commentary on feminism, homosexuality, and gender dysphoria, the body of her horror. It pushes the genre to new limits.

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Kathryn Bigelow He may be best known for his works focused on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. strange days Definitely a more resonant film. The movie takes place in 1999, the last days of the old millennium and follows Lenny (Ralph Fiennes) is a former police officer who makes a living selling virtual reality experiences recorded from the memories of real people. One day he receives a VR headset containing the memories of a murderer who killed a prostitute. Bigelow delved into issues of violence in pornography, domestic violence, and police brutality, all in his sci-fi setting, proving to Cronenberg that Fiennes was a perfect fit for his film. Spider.

strange days Not currently available for on-demand or streaming. However, the Blu-ray is available for purchase on Amazon.


We know it’s a must-see when Cronenberg himself says it’s the scariest movie he’s ever seen. don’t look now husband and wife, Laura (Julie Christie) and John (Donald Sutherland) arrives in Venice, mourning the untimely death of her young daughter.While there, the two sisters surprised them with the revelation that her daughter was trying to contact them. Nicholas Roeg The classics are full of terrifying imagery, but it’s a psychological examination of grief in a relationship that really sticks with you. Hina Contains explicit visual references to this British classic.

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