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Want to have a great winter sports season?Start planning now

Autumn has officially arrived. He’s one of New England’s most spectacular seasons. But before you peek at the leaves and nibble on cider donuts, one piece of advice: think winter first.

For skiers and riders, it’s time to plan for the upcoming winter sports season. Whether you’re a long-term resident or a first-timer, you’ll want to take the time to choose a location, secure your gear (rent, lease, or buy), and most of all, find something to enjoy as you head into winter. .

Things to watch out for now are:

Please select a spot: There are still many ski resorts where you can casually visit with a lift ticket, but the industry is shifting to sports that anticipate the future. Part of that started before the pandemic—the season he pass has become a more affordable way to ski (even for those who only go a few times a year). But the pandemic has pushed it into overdrive as many enthusiasts have discovered or rediscovered the sport.

This means that if you plan to go skiing more than a few times this winter, you’ll need a pass. The price is still discounted. In most cases, prices increase after the first week of October.

The Epic Pass includes many ski spots in the Northeast, including Vermont’s Okemo Mountain Resort. (Photo by Moira McCarthy)

How do you choose? Think about where you can ski best and go in the opposite direction from there. Vail’s season pass, Epic Pass (, is under $900 for a full pass through October 9th. their resort; think of it as the rest of your eastern season). We also offer the Northeast Pass for a low price, as well as a multi-day pass that allows him to ski all day for less than $90 a day if purchased in advance.

An Ikon Pass ( gives you access to dozens of resorts, including eight locations in the Northeast and dozens of resorts in the United States and around the world. IKON also raised its price in early October. Ikon has added five new resorts this year, including the iconic Sun Valley, Idaho. Some resorts require reservations (and may require a pass). Book now to secure your spot.

Both of these passes offer other added bonuses, such as discount passes for friends and family, and discounts at retailers, eateries, and more.

Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont is located on Epic Pass.  (Photo by Moira McCarthy)
Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont is located on Epic Pass. (Photo by Moira McCarthy)

The Indy Pass ( is a great add-on to the Season Pass or Standalone Pass. Enjoy two days of skiing at each of 110 privately owned ski areas across the United States.

And there are local resort passes. This is great especially if you like the atmosphere of regulars. The Ragged Mountain Resort ( in Danbury, New Hampshire has a low season pass rate through October 11th. For less than $600, you can ski all season and get 4 Buddy Passes to share with friends and family during the season. They offer reciprocal rights to other resorts they own across the country. And since they just purchased Jay Peak in Vermont, you can expect to offer some deals there as well.

Get Gear: A great way to find the gear you need, either to buy or to season lease (season leases are great deals for beginners as well as growing kids) is Country Ski Expo ( is to participate in Hanover, November 10-13. Country Ski & Sport, once a major retailer at the defunct Boston Ski Show, now does everything from its own huge Hanover warehouse.

Although sales this summer were somewhat muted by winter demand, Country Ski has used its purchasing power to acquire several big brands. You will find a large inventory.

There are also exhibitors (resorts, brands, destinations, etc.), lots of merch, beer gardens, food trucks, surprise entertainment and guests. Ticket sales, giveaways and raffles will take place.

And for those looking for a wreath, this is the perfect place to get everything in order.

Rugged Mountain Resort, just a short drive outside of Boston, still has great deals on passes.  (Photo Credit: Ragged Mountain Resort)
Rugged Mountain Resort, just a short drive outside of Boston, still has great deals on passes. (Photo Credit: Ragged Mountain Resort)

Find Your Stork: And then there’s the latest in Boston’s “getting ready for winter” scene. Snowbound HIS Expo ( will debut at the Hines HIS Convention Center on November 18-20.

Along with Milton’s own Dan Egan and many other great world-class speakers, this event not only serves as a way to pump yourself up, but also as a way to set goals for the season. Stages”, where you can learn everything from how to improve your skills to stories about dreamy extreme journeys.

A resort representative will talk to you about choosing a destination, and an equipment expert will help you find the perfect product for you. In addition to trying out the indoor slopes, cool Nordic skiing experiences, dining and other fun are also available. In short, it should be the perfect place to set the winter mood.