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Wisconsin Badgers Prediction: Game 5 vs. Illinois Wisconsin News

The Wisconsin vs. Illinois game had a story angle behind it no matter what. Brett said Bierema is back at Camp Randall at his stadium.

Unsurprisingly, Bierema takes it lightly, and really, this is more about the fans than the coaches (and when Bierema was bolted to Arkansas after the 2012 Big Ten Championship, the elementary school students Or there is no doubt that the player was a junior high school student).

Some of the brilliance was lost with the Badgers starting lineup. With a 2-2 win over Nobodys, a home loss to Washington State, and a wreck by Ohio State last weekend, they looked like they didn’t belong on the field.

The indifference and disgust of fans is growing.

If you beat your former coach, you might be able to stem the tide. Losing – The Badgers have not lost to the Illini at his stadium since 2002 at Camp Randall.

Wisconsin opened as a 10-point favorite and is now down to 7 points. If Vegas is right, this is not a squat. It should be an interesting Saturday.

Here are this week’s picks from the web:

Ralph D. Russo of The Associated Press: Wisconsin 20, Illinois 10.

Pete Fiutak of Wisconsin, 23, Illinois, 17. It starts with takeout. Wisconsin has no ability to overcome adversity, and the attacking Illini defense leaves him flipped twice. But badgers also have defenses. Yes, Illinois is the same as Wisconsin. Wisconsin does it a little better. Don’t expect too many points. The Badgers would survive with some big stops in the second half. ”

Steve Greenberg, Chicago Sun-Times: Wisconsin 21, Illinois 17. No shot? Forget it all. Bottom line: This is a coin flip anywhere but Camp Randall. Illini — so close!

Gabe Salgado of Athlon Sports: Wisconsin 28, Illinois 24. But Wisconsin had Illini numbers, and then some numbers, especially Madison, for a while. , the match should be treated as an outlier. Even with victories over Virginia and Wyoming and a narrow loss to Indiana, this would be the Illinois’ first real test of the season. Both teams rely on the game they are running and that could determine the outcome of this game. The Illini continue to improve under former Wisconsin head coach Brett Bierema, but the Badgers know who they are and have a mostly science-based style of play. It’s going to be a close game, but Wisconsin will take another victory over Illinois at Camp Randall Stadium.”

Kerry Miller of Bleacher Report: Wisconsin 24, Illinois 21.

Paul M. Banks of Sportsbank: Wisconsin 13, Illinois 10. Given what happened last year, Illinois is not a favorite to pick. Considering how his WIS has been so far, I can’t bring them up. The Wisconsin offense versus the Illini defense will keep this game very close all the way to the end. ”

Seven out of 11 writers in The Champaign Room think Wisconsin will win.

Trent Knoop on Wolverines Wire: Wisconsin 27, Illinois 24

Riley Donald of Hawkeyes Wire: Illinois 21, Wisconsin 17

Bob Dunning of Davis Enterprise (Wisconsin).

Picks and Parleys: Wisconsin 21, Illinois 17.

Bill Connelly ESPN: Wisconsin 26, Illinois 18 in his S&P+ forecast.

All three Athlon Sports analysts have Wisconsin as a favorite to win.